20 Inspiring Boy Bedroom Ideas for Your Growing Boy

Need some boy bedroom ideas for inspiration? We got you covered. Styling a bedroom for a boy is a bit different than that of an adult. The bedroom should be comfortable as well as playful and energetic. There are many ways to do that, which our decorating boy bedroom ideas will show you shortly.

Our ideas vary so much here, so you will probably find some to your liking. Whichever ideas you want to try, be sure that you add your boy’s favorite colors and items to it. It is, after all, his bedroom. Whether you want a total remodel or just want to add stylish touches here and there, these ideas will help you.

Contemporary Style

Decorating Boy Bedroom Ideas Contemporary Style
Decorating Boy Bedroom Ideas source : transformhome

When it comes to boy bedroom ideas teenage, there are two options: either follow the current style or an ageless one. This bedroom décor is an example of the former. What makes it interesting is how it juxtaposes contemporary styling elements with the rustic multipurpose cabinet.

On one hand, the room looks and feels so contemporary especially with gray, pastel yellow and blue colors. On the other, no one can deny how warm and inviting the bedroom is thanks to the rustic surface of the cabinet.

On the Attic

Boy Bedroom Ideas Pictures On the Attic
source : Boy Bedroom Ideas Pictures BHG

The next idea on our boy bedroom ideas list is for an attic boy bedroom. Unlike the other parts of the house, the attic is a bit tricky as it has awkward shapes. That said, you need to utilize these awkward shapes rather than seeing them as obstacles.

The key to an attic bedroom is to make bring the attention down. And in this bedroom, the awkward space is fully taken advantage of. Note the wall decorations that become bigger as they descend closer to the bed frame. There are also two cabinets with contrasting colors to the wall.

All Kinds of Colors

Small Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas All Kinds of Colors
Small Teenage Boy Bedroom Ideas source : littlebigbell

Just because you want boy bedroom decorating ideas, it doesn’t mean you have to go all calm and stoic about the colors. Why is that? Well because a boy’s bedroom can be colorful too. Just take a look at this bedroom layout. Notice how it has all kinds of colors, particularly the bed and the floor.

If your boy loves lots of colors, incorporating them into the bedroom is a good idea. What you need to keep in mind is to balance the colors and use a color palette that will last. This colorful bedroom here is suitable for little boys as well as teenagers.

The bed is full of various playful colors, with yellow and blue accents on the sides. Unlike the bed, the rug on the floor does not look childish. The blue-white-red stripes are neutral and add an interesting visual cue. The white walls mean that the tone of the room can be changed easily if it is needed.

Traditional Bedroom

Shared Girl and Boy Bedroom Ideas Traditional Bedroom
source : Tilson Homes

If you are still unsure of what boy bedroom ideas to implement in your boy’s bedroom, you can always go with a ‘traditional’ boy bedroom design. For example, here the layout of the bedroom is designed to leave ample space for movement and navigating around the room, making it very suitable for little boys.

The colors are mostly ‘traditional’ as well. It has dark blue, red, and white as the dominant colors. Some rustic cabinet and drawers are there as well, introducing warmth to the space. This design is timeless, so you wouldn’t need to worry about it looking too old or boring. It looks good at any time.

Just like decorating a boy’s bedroom, decorating a girl’s bedroom is different than that of an adult. If you need some insight, you want to check these girl bedroom ideas out.

Playful Black and White

Black and White Boy Bedroom Ideas Playful Black and White
source : Dezaar Interiors

If you want boy bedroom colour ideas that look good all-season, then look no further than a black and white combo. A black and white bedroom like this looks good, regardless of the time. Of course, this also means that the style grows with the boy as well.

With the black and white setting the tone, the other parts like flooring, walls, and decorations make the space feel more playful. Notice the partial yellow rug stretching across the floor. Floating shelves on the side also make the space feel more fun and lively as well.


Little Boy Bedroom Ideas Sea-themed
source : projectnursery

Do your boy like the sea and sea-related things? If he does, then try little boy bedroom ideas that have sea-related stuff in it. Yes, like this bedroom here. Notice how the color palette and decoration in this room.

On the wall, there are various decorations hanging, from a red anchor, various renditions of sharks to a painting of a squid. The sea theme doesn’t stop there. The bed cover has fishes on it, too. And top of it, the dark blue and white stripes on the wall add the beachy vibe to the bedroom.

Go Green

Green Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas Go Green
source : boxycolonial

Green is an excellent choice of color for boy bedroom ideas. In this boy’s bedroom, the dominant color is green. You just know it from the first glance. Although green is dominant, it serves as a blank canvas for the wall decorations and other items to stand out, rather than as a focal point.

The vibrant green brings a lively and energetic vibe, making it perfect for little and teenage boys. The hanging decorations bring personality to the room. As for the flooring, it is neutral with gray. The small welcoming rug is a sweet touch.

Boy’s Log Cabin Bedroom

Boy Bedroom Ideas Decor Boy’s Log Cabin Bedroom
source : Ed Saloga Design Build

What items does your little boy like? Incorporating his favorite items as decorations will surely put a smile on his face. In this bed. In this bedroom, you can see how the skateboard, surfing board, a toy gun, and hats are hanged on the wall. So although the bedroom is heavy in rustic, it feels very personal.

Rustic décor is surely flexible. It wouldn’t be surprising if you see it used in many boy n girl bedroom ideas. And there is a good reason for that: it is warm and comfortable. It also has a timeless charm as well, making it an excellent decor choice for little boys and teenagers.

Focus on the Wall

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas with Accent Wall Focus on the Wall
source : projectnursery

The bed is not the only part of the bedroom where a statement can be made. The wall, too, can do the same if not better. Notice how eye-catching this striped wall is. The blue brings elegance, while the brown brings warmth. The two small frames and the letter “K” bring attention to the wall even further.

Turning the wall into a focal point surely is among the best boy bedroom ideas if you want to make the space appealing while keeping distractions down to minimal. Not to mention it is easy to décor too.

Navy Blue

Boy Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms Navy Blue
source : whitecottagehomeandliving

Okay, black and white is a failproof combination, including when used for little boy bedroom ideas. But is there any other alternative? Perhaps a color combination that is more vibrant and more youthful? There is. Navy blue and white is also a failproof combination and it has a vibrant and youthful vibe as well.

Look at how awesome this boy’s bedroom is. The color palette is simple, so is its layout. And yet, the navy blue and white makes it very attractive. And you can rest easy knowing that the style will look good for your boy in years to come.

Bunk Bed? Why Not

Tween Boy Bedroom Ideas on a Budget Bunk Bed Why Not
source : cityfarmhouse

Being space-efficient means the space is optimized to the fullest. If you want to be space-efficient, using a bunk bed for your boy bedroom is surely among the best boy bedroom ideas to try. There are lots, lots of ways to be space-efficient. One of them is to use a bunk bed.

The beauty of a bunk bed like this is that it frees up the space below and uses up the space above, which is an otherwise empty space. You can use the freed-up space for any purpose you want. In this bedroom, the space underneath the bed is turned into a small, comfy lounge.

Speaking of which, a bunk bed is mostly functional. Yet, you should never restrict it to practicality only. After all, a good looking bunk bed would be nice, wouldn’t it? If you are curious about how good a bunk bed can be, these bunk bed ideas will show you.

Playful Bunk Bed

Toddler Boy Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms Playful Bunk Bed
source : magnolia

If you have really active boys, you may want to accommodate his needs with a playful bedroom. For example, a bunk bed that looks like a mini house.

This is one of the best boy bedroom ideas for small rooms as it allows your boys to sleep comfortably and at the same time, make things more fun and playful.

Modern and Youthful

Childrens Bedroom Ideas Paint Boy Bedroom Ideas Modern and Youthful
source : HC Interiors

As your boy grows up, his interest will change. Teenage boys, for example, love to play music. If your teenage boy likes music, he will surely appreciate a stylish bedroom like this. Notice the large guitar wallpaper on the background.

The room itself is simple. It looks so modern and sophisticated. The pale blue bed cover and wallpaper add a touch of youthfulness, preventing the bedroom from looking plain.

A Bit of Playfulness Is Never Bad

Girl and Boy Bedroom Ideas A Bit of Playfulness Is Never Bad
source : sunnycirclestudio

What do you think about this bedroom? Looks so sleek and contemporary, isn’t it? A sleek and contemporary bedroom rarely looks bad. However, it can get bland real quick if there is no playfulness in it.

To solve that problem, all you need is to introduce some bright and bold colors, preferably those that stand out. In this bedroom, the playfulness comes from the blue and red dinosaurs.

Simple and Clean

10 Year Boy Bedroom Ideas Simple and Clean
10 Year Boy Bedroom Ideas source : elledecor

Keeping it fun is a must when it comes to boy bedroom ideas. That, however, doesn’t necessarily mean you have to overwhelm the space with lots of bright and bold colors.

Sometimes, it is better to go simple and clean. To go with playful, vibrant and calming colors. The shades of blue in this bedroom are good examples of that.

Comfy and Cozy

Childrens Bedroom Decorating Ideas Comfy and Cozy
source : countryliving

Perhaps you are looking for age-neutral boy bedroom ideas? In that case, this idea here will suit you. The bedroom provides comfort to children and teenagers alike.

The small rug on the floor adds warmth and texture while the bed is arranged in a way that looks so inviting. There are dolls there as well, adding a touch of playfulness and fun. This simple bed can accommodate both children and teenagers. Simple? Yes, and long-lasting.

May the Force Be with You

Teen Boy Bedroom Ideas May the Force Be with You
source : Alto Design

Is your kid a Star Wars fan? If he is, he would love to have a Star Wars-themed bedroom like this. In this bedroom, a wall is dedicated entirely to wallpaper that looks like outer space. This wallpaper is enough to steal attention, but the idea doesn’t stop there, of course.

Notice the bed cover. It has Yoda, Leia, Luke, and Darth Vader on it. There is also a small R2D2 plush pillow as well. The shelves on the side are for Star Wars-related stuff. It seems so exciting, isn’t it?

Art Display

12 Year Old Boy Bedroom Ideas Art Display
12 Year Old Boy Bedroom Ideas source : Raspberry Interiors

Compared to the other boy bedroom ideas, this one takes the cake as the most personalized. Teenage boys channel their interests in various ways.

For example, through graffiti. If your teenage boy can make graffiti on his own, why not just let him do it? Let the wall becomes a canvas for him to express himself.

In Blue

Baby Boy Bedroom Ideas In Blue
source : Joel Antunes

Blue is among, if not the most common color used in decorating boy rooms ideas. It is not surprising considering blue looks cool and playful. You can even make a boy bedroom looks amazing with mostly shades of blue, like this one here.

The bedroom here looks so comfy, inviting and playful. The best thing about it is that it suits your boy regardless of his age. Children or teenager, it just works. Want an age-neutral bedroom that won’t age for your boy? Go blue.


Boy Bedroom Ideas 5 Year Old Landscaping
Boy Bedroom Ideas 5 Year Old source : Nies Homes

Boys love adventure. Why not make his bedroom adventurous? The last one on our boy bedroom ideas list is not just unique but also adventurous as well. Just look at the offroad truck-like bedframe. Added with wallpaper showing mountainous landscape, you can’t help but feel adventurous about it.

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