9 Inexpensive and Cheap Bathrooms Remodeling Ideas

Cheap Bathroom Remodel Ideas – While being functional spaces, also provide a sanctuary of personal comfort and care. However, many homeowners in Northern Michigan often hesitate to remodel their bathrooms due to perceived high costs.

A study by HomeAdvisor reveals that bathroom remodels in the United States can range anywhere from $7,000 to $28,000, with an average cost of around $12,000. Fortunately, there are countless ways to update a bathroom without such a hefty price tag.

With a few strategic, inexpensive changes, you can transform your bathroom from a practical space to a personal oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

To get you started, here are our recommendations for 9 cheap bathroom remodel ideas to revamp your bathroom on a budget.

Lighting Fixtures

Effective and stylish lighting can make or break a bathroom’s ambiance. Ditch the fierce overhead lights and opt for layers of lighting to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

For instance, wall sconces on either side of the mirror can offer perfect task lighting for grooming, while a dimmable ceiling fixture allows for adjustable ambient lighting.

If space allows, consider adding a statement pendant light or even a small chandelier for a touch of glamour.

Don’t forget about LED strip lights – these can be added under cabinets or along baseboards for subtle yet effective accent lighting.

Finding the Right Professional for the Job

Cheap Bathroom Remodel Finding the Right Professional for the Job
Cheap Bathroom Remodel Finding the Right Professional for the Job

Navigating a bathroom remodeling project can sometimes require more than just your DIY skills. Depending on the project’s complexity, you might need the assistance of professionals, especially for tasks such as plumbing or electrical work.

Moreover, local knowledge and expertise become invaluable in areas like Northern Michigan, where the weather can influence the choice of materials and timelines.

Bathroom remodeling in Northern Michigan often involves considerations for thermal insulation, moisture-resistant materials, and efficient heating solutions. Therefore, finding the right team for your project in this region is crucial.

Look for professionals with strong local experience, positive customer reviews, and a portfolio that reflects their ability to handle a project like yours.

Cheap Bathroom Remodel Window Treatments

Cheap Bathroom Remodel Window Treatments
Cheap Bathroom Remodel Window Treatments

Window treatments can significantly contribute to the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Depending on the level of privacy needed and your decor style, numerous options exist.

For instance, waterproof blinds, vinyl shades, or frosted window film offer privacy while withstanding the humidity of a bathroom. However, if you have good ventilation, fabric curtains in bold colors or patterns can dramatically impact you.

For a touch of luxury, consider plantation shutters that can be adjusted to control light and privacy.

Cheap Bathroom Remodel Upgrade Mirror

Cheap Bathroom Remodel Upgrade Mirror
Cheap Bathroom Remodel Upgrade Mirror

Your bathroom mirror ideas, often a focal point in the room, can be upgraded without spending much. Instead of investing in a new mirror, why not upgrade your existing one with a new frame? This simple yet effective idea can make a significant visual impact.

If you have a simple, unframed mirror, consider adding a DIY frame crafted from materials that complement your bathroom’s decor. For a beachy vibe, a driftwood frame might be the perfect choice.

A black or gold metal frame can add an elegant touch if you want sophistication. Consider creating a mosaic tile frame around your mirror for a novel approach.

Alternatively, removing the frame altogether and opting for a modern, frameless mirror with polished edges can create a minimalist aesthetic that is both stylish and cost-effective.

DIY Bathroom Storage

Cheap Bathroom Remodel DIY Bathroom Storage
Cheap Bathroom Remodel DIY Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage can often be an issue in bathrooms, especially smaller ones. Fortunately, creative DIY storage solutions can help maximize your space without costing a fortune.

For instance, woven baskets can stylishly store extra towels or toiletries and be stacked to utilize vertical space. Another novel idea is using spice racks or floating shelves on the wall to hold your toiletries, makeup, or even decorative items.

If you have an old ladder, leaning it against a wall creates a functional and visually appealing instant towel rack. Even an old wine rack can be repurposed to hold towels or bathroom products.

Budget Friendly Tile Tricks

Cheap Bathroom Remodel Budget Friendly Tile Tricks
Cheap Bathroom Remodel Budget Friendly Tile Tricks

Swapping out bathroom tiles can work wonders for a dull, outdated space. However, the expense of new tiles and installation might seem daunting. But worry not; budget-friendly solutions can deliver equally stunning results.

Consider using less expensive tiles in combination with a few statement ones. A single strip or cluster of designer tiles can create a visually intriguing accent in a sea of more economical, plain tiles.

Alternatively, tile paint can work miracles on dated, faded tiles. With tile-approved paints, you can add trendy patterns or solid colors to your bathroom floors and walls, all at a fraction of the cost.

For a more temporary and renter-friendly solution, peel-and-stick tiles are the way to go. Available in many patterns and styles, these tiles can be replaced easily when you desire a change, allowing you to trade up your style whenever the mood strikes.

DIY Cheap Bathroom Remodel Paint

DIY Cheap Bathroom Remodel Paint
DIY Cheap Bathroom Remodel Paint

Painting is often the go-to method for an affordable transformation of any space, and the bathroom is no exception.

You can completely change the area’s vibe for a few tens of dollars. Choose high-quality, mold-resistant paints specifically designed for bathrooms to ensure longevity.

Lighter shades and neutral shades such as whites, beiges, or pastels are often recommended for smaller spaces as they give an illusion of a larger area but don’t limit yourself.

Refinish Instead of Replace

Cheap Bathroom Remodel bathtub and vanity
Cheap Bathroom Remodel bathtub and vanity

In many cases, giving your bathroom a fresh look doesn’t mean you have to rip everything out and start over. If your bathtub or shower looks dated or worn out, professional refinishing can be a budget-friendly alternative to a full replacement.

The same principle applies to your bathroom vanity ideas and countertop. If the structure is in good condition, consider painting or re-staining it.

For countertops, you can use a refinishing kit, or if you’re feeling particularly crafty, try a DIY concrete overlay. Refinishing allows you to keep the items you love, save money, and still get a new, refreshed look in your bathroom.

Add Plants for Cheap Bathroom Remodel

Add Plants for Cheap Bathroom Remodel Ideas
Add Plants for Cheap Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Indoor plants have grown increasingly popular due to their aesthetic and health benefits.

They add a pop of color and life to your bathroom and can also purify the air by sponging toxins and producing oxygen. Many plants thrive in the humid environment that a bathroom provides.

Snake plants, spider plants, and pothos are all great choices and require minimal maintenance. You can place smaller plants on shelves or vanity tops, while larger plants can sit on the floor.

Depending on the plant variety, you can start your indoor garden for less than $20.


Remember, remodeling doesn’t always mean a complete overhaul. The affordable bathroom remodeling ideas highlighted in this article will allow you to update your bathroom and create a fresh and inviting space without draining your wallet.

The key is to prioritize, be creative, and make strategic upgrades that will have the most impact.

We hope you learned something from this article; if we missed anything, please tell us in the comments below.

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