23 Awesome Dining Room Ideas to Make Each and Every Meal Enjoyable

The dining room is the room that we all should be proud of. Not surprisingly, many homeowners try their best to make theirs as good as possible. What about yours? Is it interesting? If you want to make it even more interesting, here we collected 23 awesome dining room ideas to help you do just that.

Homeowners design their dining room for different purposes. Some design theirs to be a relaxing place to spend time with family and enjoy the food. Some others design theirs for more formal occasions. Whatever yours, our ideas below can help you to make every meal in the dining room enjoyable.

Playing with Contrast

Modern Dining Room Ideas Playing with Contrast
Modern Dining Room Ideas img src : thriftyandchic

Major remodeling isn’t needed to make a dining room more interesting. Sometimes, all you need to is to play with contrast. Playing with contrast is a sure-fire way to change any space and make it more interesting. Yes, including the dining room.

Use chairs or benches with two contrasting colors like white and black, use a dark table and gray or white rug underneath it, paint the walls and ceilings with a lighter color while adding a darker wall décor and so on. All that creates a contrast, making the dining room more interesting.

Traditional Dining Room

Dining Room Ideas Modern Traditional Dining Room
img src : Jackie Vella

Next on our dining room ideas list is a traditional dining room. A traditional dining room looks classy and very formal, which is why it is the best choice if you often host a formal dinner.

Take a look at decors in the dining room. There are two black chairs, six white chairs and a black rectangular table with white decors on it.

All of these become the focal point of the dining room. The mirror décor and the hanging ceiling bring even more traditional vibe in the room.

Farm Style Dining Table

Dining Room Ideas Design Farm Style Dining Table
Dining Room Ideas Design img src : carpenterjames

Want to give a warm vibe to the dining room? Farmhouse décor is the perfect choice for that. A farmhouse dining room feels warm and inviting, thus making it into a great place to converse with your family and friends.

To get the farmhouse feel, you will need to include lots of wooden surfaces, preferably ones with a dark finish. To balance the darker tone, add white surfaces. The dark wooden surfaces bring the warm, while the white surfaces prevent them from being too overwhelming.

Other decorations, such as hanging lamps, rug, and painting, are always good additions. They are not a must but having them in a dining room surely makes the room more inviting.

Farmhouse Dining Room

Dining Room Ideas Decor Farmhouse Dining Room
img src : homemadelovely

The previous ideas are too much of decor for you? If that is the case, consider trying a simpler one. Unlike the previous dining room ideas, this one doesn’t involve complex and difficult decorations. It is a rather simple design.

For this simple yet stylish farmhouse décor, you need dark-colored chairs, a wooden table (without finish), white walls and ceiling and earth-tone flooring. The key is to add black metal surfaces with clean lines and a few touches of wood materials.

Comfy Dining Room Ideas

Dining Room Ideas Pinterest Comfy Dining Room Ideas
img src : cityfarmhouse

Who doesn’t want to enjoy their meal, be it breakfast or dinner, in a bright and comfy dining room? If you want an informal dining room, the setup above is certainly an excellent option for you. Rather than being strict and formal, the dining room is looser and relaxed.

Notice how most parts of the dining room elements are white. The white softens the space, while the darker colors are there to prevent the space from looking boring.

There are also other bright colors like orange and green, which serve as the focal points. All these create a bright and comfy dining room.

Speaking of meal, do you have a breakfast nook and still unsure how to design it? If you do, you should use our breakfast nook ideas here to get you started.

Blue Grey Wall In Dining Room

Modern Grey Dining Room Ideas Blue Grey Wall In Dining Room
img src : Adam Gibson

This dining room is an excellent example of a modern formal dining room. How could it not? It looks

  • formal
  • modern
  • sleek
  • stylish

all at the same time. If you like to hold a dinner with your friends and family, this dining room will certainly give them not just enjoyable but also a memorable meal.

In the dining room, there is no décor that has no use. It is there either to be functional, like the sleek chairs and table or aesthetical like the painting, wall décor, and chandeliers.

Dining Room Light Fixtures

Pinterest Dining Room Ideas Dining Room Light Fixtures
img src : renoguide

If you like to have a sleek and stylish dining room, modern dining room ideas are certainly among the best options for you.

However, not everyone likes to have lots of metal surfaces in their dining room. Some people want to minimize them, while some others don’t want them altogether.

If you want a modern dining room yet want to minimize metal surfaces, you can try to create a simple modern dining room like the above.

This dining room has straight, clean lines, neutral tone colors and utilitarian designs. The modern vibe is there but with very minimal metal surfaces.

Traditional Farmhouse

Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas Traditional Farmhouse
Farmhouse Dining Room Ideas img src : pinterest

Want something that has a vintage vibe? Try traditional farmhouse décor. Notice how the white chairs have a simple design, the table has a rustic finish, and the other decors have a vintage look.

The focal point is the table, which brings in warmth while the other decors bring in the old, traditional vibe.

Contemporary Dining Room

Small Dining Room Ideas Contemporary Dining Room
Small Dining Room Ideas img src : simplyuniquespace

Follow the trend with this sleek contemporary dining room. As it has contemporary décor, there are unique shapes all over.

From chairs with a curve, tables with straight, clean lines, dome-shaped lightings to circular mirror on the wall. The style is so slick and clean.

With the dining room filled with mostly neutral colors, the homeowner added a black flower vase and a black candle holder in the middle of the table. Both of these decorations become the points of interest in the room.

Dining Room Ideas for Apartments

Dining Room Ideas for Apartments
Dining Room Ideas for Apartments img src : kitesgrove

What do you think about this dining room? Looks simple and elegant, isn’t it? Having an elegant dining room doesn’t require elaborate or intricate designs. Sometimes, simplicity can bring an elegant vibe into the dining room as well.

What makes the dining room noticeable are its green colors. There are two greens in the room. One comes from the chairs while the other comes from the plant on the further back of the room. The white walls enhance the elegant vibe while the lighting makes a unique statement.

Should you use a coffee table in your dining room? A coffee table can be a great addition to have in a dining room. If you are interested, check out our coffee table ideas.

Rustic Dining Room

Rustic Dining Room Ideas Rustic Dining Room
Rustic Dining Room Ideas img src : providenthomedesign

If you want to have a warm and welcoming feeling, rustic and vintage décor is without a doubt among the best dining room ideas for you. The warmth, the friendly vibe that you get from a rustic and vintage décor turns each and every meal into an occasion.

Notice how both rustic and vintage pieces of furniture are there. The table and chairs have rustic touches, while the cabinet next to the table brings in the vintage vibe. It’s a perfect combination to create a warm and welcoming feeling.

Gray and White Dining Room

Dining Room Ideas Rustic Gray and White Dining Room
Gray Dining Room Ideas Gray and White Dining Room 2
img src : mrscasual

Next is a dining room design for a small dining room. Even if a dining room is small, you can still design it to your liking.

In this case, the small dining room has a formal touch, which makes it perfect to host a formal occasion. Just look at the chairs with cushion, the rectangular table and the beautiful chandelier.

Minimalist Dining Room

Dining Room Ideas Apartment Minimalist Dining Room
img src : Dining Room Ideas Pinterest

You can mix a contemporary décor with touches of minimalism here and there. This dining room is a good example of that.

All of the elements in the dining room have contemporary shapes while at the same time keeping things minimal. There is nothing superfluous in the dining room. Simple and beautiful.

Modern yet Rustic

Dining Room Ideas Modern yet Rustic
img src : poshpennies

This dining room is another example of rustic dining room ideas. This one shows modern styles and shapes while at the same time giving the warm vibe from its rustic touches.

Notice how the dining room is filled with wooden surfaces, white and black, all of which are the characteristics of the rustic décor.

Boho Dining Room

Boho Dining Room Ideas Boho Dining Room
img src : PlushRugs

Not every homeowner likes intricacy in their dining room. Some homeowners just want a cozy and comfy dining room to enjoy their meal. If you want the same thing, consider designing your dining room in a simple manner.

This dining room is very simple. There is nothing intricate. Despite its very simple look, the dining room looks inviting.

Dining Rooms With Brick Wall

Dining Room Ideas for Small Spaces Dining Rooms With Brick Wall
img src : nyde

Last but not least in our dining room ideas list is a “Scandinavia” dining room. The “Scandinavia” dining room has been quite popular in recent years. It is not a surprise, considering its rather straightforward and simple looks.

The dining room above is practical and the decoration is minimal. And yet, somehow we all still want to enjoy a meal there nonetheless.

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