17 Amazing Entryway Wall Decor Ideas to Create Memorable First Impression

The entryway is not only the place where we greet our guests. It is also many other things. From a conversation spot, storage to a gallery. Looking for a way to improve your entryway? If you do, our entryway wall decor here may help you.

Our ideas here are diverse. As such, you will likely find one or two that fit you the most. Let’s get to the ideas now.

Farmhouse Wall Art

Entryway Wall Decor Ideas Farmhouse Wall Art
Entryway Wall Decor Ideas Source : vineandbranchestx

Let’s start with something very personal: a family ‘memorabilia.’ This entryway is very personalized. After all, nothing is more personal than showcasing family photos.

Due to its personal nature, an entry wall family ‘memorabilia’ gives a friendly and welcoming vibe, which is perfect for the entrance.

Notice that there is also a small table on the entryway as well. With a table in the entryway, you can treat your guests with food and drinks. Speaking of tables, check out our entry table ideas here for inspiration.

Frame Gallery In The Entryway

entryway decor wall Frame Gallery In The Entryway
Source : suddenlyinspired

Want something that is both decorative and functional? Consider adding a hanger with framed decorations above it. These entryway half wall decorations not only beautify the entrance but also allow your guests to hang their bags without having to worry about it.

The lower half of the wall is empty, preventing the space from feeling overwhelming. If you look for decor idea that is both decorative and functional, a hanger and framed decorations are among the best entryway wall decor options for you.

Entryway Wall Hooks

entryway wall decor with bench Entryway Wall Hooks
Source : Pinterest

Not everyone has the luxury of a large entryway. Some of us have to work with a small entryway. No worries, though. Even a small entryway can look great with the right decor. With a small space available, you need to downsize the decorations.

What kind of decorations should be used then? For example, a narrow hanger, a small wall decoration and of course, a small bench. If you need insight for the bench to use, be sure to check out our entryway bench ideas.

Entryway Wall Art Gallery

Modern Entryway Wall Decor Entryway Wall Art Gallery
Modern Entryway Wall Decor Source : withinthegrove

The next idea in our entryway wall decor list is to turn the wall into an art gallery. Is it a great idea? The answer is going to be yes. Why? Well, if you want to make a good first impression, you might as well present the best decor in the entryway. And exhibiting your favorite paintings is a good way to do so.

Notice how the entryway gallery wall is painted in black. This allows the mostly white paintings to stand out even more. The contrast between the wall and the paintings create a focal point that no one can miss.

Decors Above, Drawer Below

Narrow Entryway Wall Decor Decors Above, Drawer Below
Narrow Entryway Wall Decor Source : Pinterest

Let’s say you want to make use of the entire wall, rather than one half of it. Well, a wall full of decorations does look good.

You just need to arrange the decorations properly and ensure that it doesn’t feel overwhelming. The above decor is an excellent example of this.

The wall sure does have a lot of decorations. And yet, they don’t feel cramped, let alone overwhelming. This is due to the proper arrangement. There is enough space in-between the decorations. The contrasting colors make the wall even more appealing.

Farmhouse Style Entryway Wall

Farmhouse Entryway Wall Decor Farmhouse Style Entryway Wall
Source : daileyrusticdesigns

Want something that feels warm and familiar? Consider entryway wall decor with farmhouse style. Such a decor gives off not just warmth, but also a sense of familiarity. Due to these perks, the rustic decor is great for the entryway.

Take a look at the wall. Look how white is used as the background color and there are lots of wooden surfaces on it. These are the main characteristics of the farmhouse style.

All of which complete each other to create a warm and familiar space. Want to make it warmer? Add a rag on the floor.

Entryway Wall Mirror

foyer wall decor ideas Entryway Wall Mirror
Source : beckiowens

There are plenty of ways to make a country decor more appealing. One of them is to add a mirror on the wall. A mirror on the wall brings many benefits. For example, it makes a small room appear larger than it actually is. Of course, there is functionality to it as well.

To make the best out of a mirror entryway wall decor, choose one that is large enough to see your reflection in it but not too large to overwhelm the space. To complement the country look, pick a mirror with a black frame and circular shape.

Entry Wall Decor

Rustic Entryway Wall Decor Entry Wall Decor
Source : kirklandkottage

There is no need to fully occupy the wall to make a statement in the entryway. Sometimes, entryway half wall decor can be great, too.

This one is an example of half wall decor. Notice how the upper half of the wall is decorated with just one piece of artwork, while the lower half is for drawers.

Using entryway half wall decor is also a great idea if you want to prevent the entryway from looking too crowded. This applies to entryways of any size but particularly to the smaller entryways.

Framed Sign

entryway wall art decor Framed Sign
Source : lifeatstarkeyranch

Do you like to hang your favorite phrases or sayings? If you do, a framed sign will be a fitting entryway wall decor for you.

Framed signs on the wall certainly make a statement in the room and the phrases or sayings inside it make it more personal.

The wooden frame and the black font make the sign a lot more noticeable, turning it into the focal point of the entryway.  It will be difficult for the guests not to notice it.

Entry Wall Shelf

Tall Entryway Wall Decor Entry Wall Shelf
Source : Pinterest

Should you focus on the decorative or the functional aspect? The answer is, why not both? Certain decorations, such as a shelf, allow you to not just decorate the entryway wall but also provides extra storage that is always needed.

Notice how the entryway wall shelf makes the small entryway looks far more appealing. It gives off a vintage vibe and at the same time, comes with storage to showcase other decorations and provides a place to hang items. Decorative? Yes. Functional? Also yes.

Modern Style Entryway Wall

Ideas for Entryway Wall Decor Modern Style Entryway Wall
Source : amberinteriordesign

There are plenty of ways to decorate the entryway wall. There are just so many decors to choose from. Do you like modern decor? If you do, why not apply it to your entryway? An entryway looks absolutely amazing with the modern decor.

Take a look at the designs of the decorations. Most involve glasses, sharp, defining lines and provide openness, all without involving complex designs.

Yet, the simplicity of the modern decor is what makes it very appealing. It may look simple but it certainly looks sophisticated.

White Bench Entryway

Home Entryway Wall Decor White Bench Entryway
Home Entryway Wall Decor Source : ahousewithbooks

Perhaps you are more of a minimalist yourself? For a minimalist, space-efficient decorations are a must. The above is a great example of space-efficient and very attractive wall decorations. Better yet, the attention-grabbing decorations stand out really well while not looking a sore thumb.

Want to accentuate the simple and minimalist decor? Add a natural touch to it. The green from plants accentuates the simple and minimalist look of the entryway wall decor and makes it fresher.

Rustic Entry Wall Decor

rustic entryway wall decor on pinterest Rustic Entry Wall Decor
Entryway Table Wall Decor Rustic Entry Wall Decor 2
Source : myvintageporch

Nothing warms the entryway like the rustic decor. Indeed, the rustic decor is among the best decor styles that can bring warmth, comfort, and familiarity. And don’t we all want a warm, comfortable and familiar entryway?

To Do List

Entryway Wall Decor DIY To Do List
Entryway Wall Decor DIY Source : seedsoffaithdesigns

Are you a busy person? If you are, you’d like an entryway with functional decorations. Rather than artistic entryway wall art, go for organizers instead.

The organizers need not be complex or elaborate. For example, a black chalkboard and a daily to-do list will do. It adds functionality while making the entryway looks interesting.

Small Entryway Wall Decor

Small Entryway Wall Decor Ideas Small Entryway Wall Decor
Small Entryway Wall Decor Ideas Source : pikony

Next is not an ordinary wall decor. Rather than using the usual decorations, you turn the wall into an art ‘gallery.’ Hang any piece of your artworks on the wall.

This way, you greet your guests with something that is very personal to you. So, go ahead and impress your guests with your favorite artworks!

Neutral Gallery Wall

Entryway Wall Decor Neutral Gallery Wall
Entryway Wall Decor Source : @rosemarieauberso

Do you like

  • the modern arts
  • simple designs, and
  • an art gallery?

If the answer is a yes, then consider creating modern entryway wall art. You don’t need a lot to create such a display gallery.

Paintings with modern art and simple unfinished wooden frames will be more than enough. Don’t forget to add a modern bench to complete the look.

Scrabble Tiles Wall

Small Wall Decor Scrabble Tiles Wall
Source : finderskeepersdecor

The last is a rustic scrabble. Unlike the previous ideas, this entryway wall decor is a bit on the more playful side. Instead of decorating the wall with artistic artworks, photography, or functional decorations, it is a rustic scrabble. The regular scrabble may not look as attractive. A rustic one will surely grab attention.

What will the words that appear on the scrabble? Of course, that is for you to decide but here’s a good idea: the names of your family members. Write out your name, your spouse and your children. It is a playful yet personal way to greet your guests.

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