21 Super Cool Coat Rack Ideas You’ll Want In Your Home

Need coat rack ideas for inspiration? Back in the 18th century, a coat rack was a must-have. It has been mostly forgotten until now.

Today, it seems the coat rack has returned. Many people add a coat rack in their house, for good reasons. That is, it is both practical for storage and added a visual cue to the space.

Our list of 20 imaginative ideas will help you add interest to any room with a coat rack. Your interior won’t matter, as a good coat rack will make any space beautiful. Ready to get inspired? Let’s begin now.

Hanging Naturally

coat-rack-plans-woodworking-projects Coat Rack Ideas Hanging Naturally
source : pinterest

Nature always makes a great decor element, as we can see here on the coat rack wall mounted. If you want to make a truly unique statement with a coat rack, your best option is to make it yourself. Don’t worry, it won’t be that difficult.

Here in this coat rack wall mounted you have a large and long rectangle. Inside the rectangle there are dead branches, each having a part of it protrudes as the hanger.

It looks natural and very unique. With such a coat rack, your guests will be impressed and probably will tell you how amazing it is.

DIY Industrial Coat Rack

Hanging Coat Rack Ideas DIY Industrial Coat Rack
Hanging Coat Rack Ideas source : beneathmyheart

Want to have a nice coat rack yet don’t want it to stand out too much? That’s easy. Just install a hanger under a shelf. A coat rack wall like this gives you proper storage for coats and other items while keeping it down low.

Since the coat rack doesn’t stand out, the focus is put on other decorations. In this case, the wall decorations on the shelf. So if you want a simple and easy solution, installing it under a shelf is one of the best coat rack ideas for you.

Pallet Coat Rack

pallet Coat Rack Ideas Pallet Coat Rack
Pallet Coat Rack Ideas source : pinterest

The pallet is a versatile material. It can be used to make anything, from shelving, simple cabinet, to a coat rack. Yes, this one here is made out of pallet boards. Looks nice, isn’t it?

If you have lots of hats, it would be best to have a coat rack that has extra storage for those hats. Attach 9 to 10 hooks on the board for the hats, and add one or two layers above the hooks for the hats. There you have it. Nice extra storage for hats.

Hat racks are similar to coat racks but instead of used for hanging coats, they are for hats. They too can add a nice visual cue. Want to know more about the hat rack? Check out our hat rack ideas here.

Entryway Coat Rack Ideas

Entryway Coat Rack Ideas Entryway Coat Rack Ideas
Entryway Coat Rack Ideas source : lizmarieblog

All of us want to receive a warm welcome when we visit someone. Why not do the same for our guests? It doesn’t take much to do but it will leave an excellent impression on your guests. One of the best rack ideas for that is a rack with rustic touches.

Notice the coat rack rustic here is white and resembles a shiplap wall, which is one of the main characteristics of rustic decor.

Thanks to the color, it creates an interesting contrast with the black shelf above. This makes both the coat rack rustic and black shelf noticeable, becoming the focal points of the entrance.

Made Out of Sticks

Standing Coat Rack Ideas Made Out of Sticks
source : stylebyemilyhenderson

Of all coat rack ideas in the list, this DIY stick coat rack is the simplest. How could it not? While the other coat rack examples are made of wood, wall-mounted, or both, this one is made of several sticks tied together. It is a very simple rack. Don’t mistake its simplicity for something plain and boring, though.

This coat rack DIY makes an interesting visual cue in the entrance. Your guest will certainly amused and probably mention it to you of how unusual the coat rack is. It is a good practical decoration and conversation starter.

Minimalist Coat Rack

entryway coat rack ideas for small spaces Minimalist Coat Rack
source : thesorrygirls

Being a minimalist doesn’t translate to being plain or boring. On the contrary, minimalist decor can be very stylish in its own way. This coat rack modern here just proves that.

From afar, the coat rack looks line several thick, black lines decorating the wall. Upon closer inspection, it is a fully functional coat rack.

Whether you are a minimalist yourself or want to add a minimalist touch to your house, this coat rack will surely be a nice addition.

Antique Hanger

Coat Rack Ideas DIY Antique Hanger
source : shanty 2 chic

What if you are into antique or vintage coat rack ideas? You have plenty of options too. Remember, the history of coat racks dates back to the 18th century. You will have little to no difficulty in finding antique coat racks.

The best thing about an antique coat rack stand is it makes a statement without having to add anything. That’s right. You just let it stands there and it will make the space around it more interesting. Perhaps the only downside is its capacity but you can always add another coat rack stand to cover for that.

Hanger Lines

Wall Mounted Coat Rack Ideas Hanger Lines
Wall Mounted Coat Rack Ideas source : bulo

This is another example of a coat rack modern. The beauty of this modern iteration of coat racks is that they are not limited in their shapes or sizes.

The classic coat racks need to stand on their own. They have certain shapes too. Modern coat racks, on the other hand, don’t need to stand nor have certain shapes.

Take a good look at these lines. These lines are the coat rack modern. They almost don’t eat up any space, very practical and of course, very attractive. You don’t need to choose either practicality or aesthetic with coat rack modern. You can have both.

Coat Rack with Steel Hooks

coat rack design ideas Coat Rack with Steel Hooks
source : 99palletideas

Not all coat rack ideas require a purchase. Some of the best and most personal coat racks are the DIY ones. The question is, does a coat rack DIY look good?

This coat rack looks unusual, making it a focal point, and easy to make. Several pallet boards, nails, and hooks are the only things required.

In terms of practicality, it doesn’t have to follow the formula. That is, you don’t have to line up the hooks, thus giving you more storage for the coats. In terms of aesthetic, you can shape it to whatever you want to. Not many things can get more personal than that.

Simply Beautiful

Entryway Bench and Coat Rack Ideas Simply Beautiful
Entryway Bench and Coat Rack Ideas source : sevencouches

As seen here, beauty can come from simplicity. The hanger is quite simple. It doesn’t have any elaborate shape at all. And yet, it mingles well with the surrounding area. Perhaps even become the focal point due to its black hooks which contrast with the wall.

If you love to be subtle, this simple and beautiful coat rack is surely among your best options. You can make the coat rack shelf more interesting by placing your favorite decorations on it.

Coat Hanger

Coat Rack Ideas Coat Hanger
Coat Rack Ideas source : dawanda

A farmhouse-inspired, white, pale coat rack rustic like this has a unique charm no one can ignore. It just feels warm, especially when you get up close to it. Warmth is, of course, not the only good thing about this coat rack rustic.

Just notice how standing out the decorations on the shelf above are. The rack serves as a nice backdrop. Even from afar you can notice them almost immediately.

So, whether you want to make the entrance warmer or need a nice backdrop, adding this kind of rack should be among must-try coat rack ideas on your list.

Standing Coat Rack

DIY Coat Rack Ideas Standing Coat Rack
DIY Coat Rack Ideas source : tidyboy_berlin

Want a coat rack stand that is both fully functional and looks contemporary? You’d like this coat rack then. This contemporary style coat rack isn’t your typical coat rack.

It has a very unique shape, both wall-mounted and floor-touching, and has enough storage for many things other than coats.

You will find it hard, if not downright impossible, to achieve those things with a typical coat rack stand. Is it fully functional? Yes and more than just functional. Pleasing to the eyes? Very. It is so contemporary.

Hang It There

wall coat rack ideas Hang It There
source : sostrenegrene

This one is also one of the simplest coat rack wall mounted. Since it doesn’t stand out too much and look mildly attractive, it is the perfect coat rack choice for those who are more focused on functionality. It is also a great option for those who want a more neutral coat rack.

That doesn’t mean the coat rack is ugly per se. It is just that it doesn’t fit to be a focal point. It is still a great complementary addition. If anything, its visual neutrality allows the coats hanged to get highlighted.

Sculptural Coat Rack

Unique Coat Rack Ideas Sculptural Coat Rack
Unique Coat Rack Ideas source : gamfratesi

There are hardly coat racks that look as unique as this ‘knot’ coat rack. As the name implies, it looks like knots rather than a coat rack.

Whether you want to have an extraordinary entrance or want to break the routine, this kind of coat rack is surely among the best coat rack ideas for you.

Notice how the light-colored coat rack here stands out and becomes a focal point. All that thanks to the black wall which serves as the coat rack’s backdrop. Another interesting thing about it is its length. Look just how long it is. Unique? Yes. Practical? Also yes.

Coat Frame

Coat and Shoe Rack Ideas Coat Frame
source : wedowood

If you like decorative coat rack ideas, you might as well get the entire set of a coat rack, storage for shoes, and entryway bench.

Although the coat rack looks good in and of itself, the look is not complete with the rest. Look at how these items decorate the entrance in unison.

Storage for the shoe is often seen in practical light only. How it looks doesn’t really matter, most people think. The truth is, shoe storage can both be practical and aesthetical. Find out how aesthetical this type of storage can be here.

Wooden Coat Hooks

Hallway Coat Rack Ideas Wooden Coat Hooks
Hallway Coat Rack Ideas source : Pantonia

Who wouldn’t like an artwork/coat rack wall mounted like this? If anyone is asked to choose between a regular coat rack stand and this, they will certainly choose this.

If not used, the coat rack will become a full decoration on the wall, becoming the star of the entrance. If used, it will still steal attention. If you want both a coat rack wall mounted and an artwork-like decoration, this one is for you.

Tree-shaped Coat Racks

Rustic Coat Rack Ideas Tree-shaped Coat Racks
Rustic Coat Rack Ideas source : motherearthnews

You may find it more unusual than the other coat rack ideas in the list, but it does have its charm. Yes, that is a whole tree. Whether you want to add a rustic touch or something really unusual for the coat rack, this coat rack is the best option.

The beauty of this rack is that it can be finished or unfinished and it will have a different effect. An unfinished coat rack tree will look more natural, while a finished one will look more rustic.

Tree Branch Wall Hanger

wooden wall coat rack ideas Tree Branch Wall Hanger
wooden wall coat rack ideas source : coolmompicks

A painting is a nice addition to the entrance. A 3D painting that you can use as a coat rack? Now that’s a whole another level of functional decoration.

Look how awesome these coat rack branches are. With a white background, the branches stick out figuratively and literally.

Amazing Entrance

wood fence coat rack ideas diy Amazing Entrance
wood fence coat rack ideas diy source : thisismyhappy

If you want to greet your guests, why not do so amazingly with your furniture? Look at this complete entrance set. There are baskets for storage, an entryway bench, and of course, a coat rack shelf at the top.

Such a complete entrance set tells your guest that you are prepared to welcome them, which is certainly an excellent first impression. Not to mention the set also tells them how caring you are to their belongings.

The entryway bench is among pieces of furniture that make the first impression. And we know how important that is. Use our entryway bench ideas here and make an amazing, memorable first impression to your guests.

Bring Warmth

Cool Coat Rack Ideas Bring Warmth
source : dawanda

The last idea in our coat rack ideas list is to bring warmth. Greet your guest with a warm welcome. And what makes a welcome warmer than an amazing coat rack rustic like this?

This coat rack rustic brings the attention not to itself but to the coats hanging on it. In a way, it symbolizes how important your guest to you is. A very beautiful way to welcome your guest, isn’t it?

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