21+ Unbelievable Rustic Bathroom Ideas (Easily Applicable)

Rustic is one of most interesting concepts for bathroom design. Providing warm nuance, it makes your mood in the morning and reenergizes your body and mind at night. Can’t wait to grab some rustic bathroom ideas?

Below, there are more than enough inspirations to blow your mind. Thanks to clever ideas that will transform your boring bathroom into a spectacular spot to spend time.

Small bathroom, large bathroom, even master bathroom can adopt these ideas. Prepare yourself to be flooded with ideas!

Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Ideas Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom
Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Ideas img src : blessed_ranch

Have you ever imagined to combine rustic and industrial concept in one place? Have a try and be ready to be amazed!

Rustic and industrial are two concepts that match together, giving you outstanding bathroom appearance. This open shelving employs rustic wood plank with industrial pipe that gives contrast look.

Use the shelving to store extra toilet paper or tissue. Feel free to add enhancement to your bathroom with ornaments and decorations.

Rustic Open Shelving for Extra Toilet Paper

Pintrest Rustic Bathroom Ideas Rustic Open Shelving for Extra Toilet Paper
img src : Lyn Stewart

When it comes to rustic bathroom, it is not always about the whole elements. Even small details like organizer or ornament with rustic nuance is enough to evoke the concept.

This open shelving accentuates rustic feeling that you bring into the bathroom, particularly the small one. The shelving comes with matching jars to store and cotton balls so that you do not need to dig before using. You may also employ wire rack for extra toilet paper.

Magical Trick to Transform Your Bathroom

Easy Rustic Bathroom Ideas Magical Trick to Transform Your Bathroom
Easy Rustic Bathroom Ideas img src : homestoriesatoz

Creativity is better than magic! It is able to transform your old, boring bathroom into a fabulous spot to relax. These rustic bathroom ideas provide high level inspiration to upgrade the bathroom.

Instead of having plain wall, shiplap will create a great change to the entire space. It provides warm rustic nuance, combined with wreath in contrast color scheme for accent within the room.

For enhancement, get some accessories in order that your bathroom does not seem empty. Aromatherapy candles are recommended as it will relax your mind, too.

Rustic Bathroom organizer

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Dark Cabinets Rustic Bathroom organizer
img src : diyncrafts

Rustic is everywhere today. The concept becomes popular for good reason. Rustic provides warm ambience and excitement to anywhere it is employed. This rustic bathroom décor shows how powerful it is to transform your space.

Bathroom storage ideas with rustic nuance as shown in the picture is well combined with farmhouse or cottage style. It provides extra storage to organize your towel or laundry hamper. No more cluttered bathroom as you know where things go.

If you are DIY person, this storage can be a great idea to start a new project! Grab some wood pallets and create your own rustic bathroom storage.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

White Rustic Bathroom Ideas Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
img src : homedesigninspired

The three principles can be applied anywhere, bathroom renovation is no exception. Reuse your old stuff and bring them back for duty! This is one of amazing rustic bathroom ideas that only few people know.

Reusing your old bucket or tub for bathroom storage is creative and affordable, at the same time highly efficient to accentuate rustic nuance. The old elements are more pronounced, therefore it does not require much effort.

These are few tips when reusing old stuff for bathroom decor:

  • Check the condition. Reuse does not mean bringing junk to your bathroom, thus shortlist ones that remains functional.
  • Some items may need modification. This is time to employ your creativity at its best.
  • Determine the right location for rustic yet neat arrangement.

Add Charm to Your Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom

Small Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas Add Charm to Your Rustic Farmhouse Bathroom
Small Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas img src : thepinktumbleweed

This is a typical farmhouse bathroom with bold rustic touch! There are abundant rustic elements all over the bathroom. Starting from rustic bordered mirror to shiplap wall, this is a heaven for rustic farmhouse enthusiasts!

Employ wire rack to organize your towels. Tiered racks are also practical to keep your personal items in place. Single vanity sink accentuate rustic nuance to your bathroom. Rustic overload!

Hanging Ladder Shelf Above the Toilet, So Clever!

Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas Hanging Ladder Shelf Above the Toilet, So Clever
Modern Rustic Bathroom Ideas img src : ana white

Do you always have problem with storage and organizer? These rustic bathroom ideas will resolve your problem. Instead of having cabinet, how about hanging ladder shelf to save floor space?

Sure! This is a clever idea that is suitable for any tiny bathroom. Keep your cosmetics, toiletries, even extra toilet paper in place with this organizer idea. With hanging concept, it will not obstruct your mobility.

When it comes to placement, above the toilet provides easier access. However, you can also choose other spots such as near the window or near sink as you like.

Rustic Bathroom Cabinet Blends with White Elements

Vintage Rustic Bathroom Ideas Rustic Bathroom Cabinet Blends with White Elements
Vintage Rustic Bathroom Ideas img src : lizmarieblog

These bathroom cabinet ideas are worth considering! Not only does the cabinet accentuate rustic nuance in the washroom, it also displays your personal items to result tidy look. This is a new phase of organized bathroom!

Floating rustic cabinet is best located above the toilet. It does not obstruct your mobility, it becomes a focal point instead. Combined with clean white wall, the cabinet blends harmoniously.

Are you going to buy rustic cabinet? Here are few tips you should know:

  • Determine the location at first. It helps you decide which kind of cabinet will suit the spot.
  • Consider the size. Make sure the cabinet fits the available space inside your bathroom.
  • How many shelves does it have? It relates to how many items you are going to organize.

Country Bathroom with Mosaic Tiles

Wood Tile Rustic Bathroom Ideas Country Bathroom with Mosaic Tiles
img src : pinterest

Do you want to experience different feeling whenever stepping in the shower? These country rustic bathroom ideas are surely for you.

Dry zone and wet zone are separated with half-height wall covered in stone tiles. Mosaic tiles come to upgrade bathroom flooring and accentuate the country style. The unique pattern is just suitable to give you different shower experience.

Long window is designed to bring natural freshness into the room. With tilt ceiling, this bathroom idea enhances your country house.

Medieval Bathroom Take You to Different Era

Simple Rustic Bathroom Ideas Medieval Bathroom Take You to Different Era
img src : High Camp Home
Country Rustic Bathroom Ideas Medieval Bathroom Take You to Different Era 2
img src : High Camp Home

Enjoy the sensation of taking a shower in medieval era with this rustic bathroom design.

At the time you are bored with typical bathroom décor, this is a great choice to go. Combining stone tiles wall and floor with patterned separator, this bathroom provides warm nuance even for winter.

To add dramatic effect, choose rustic light fixture with halogen bulb. When you step in the bathroom, it feels like you are traveling through time. This is a truly fresh idea you should not miss for anti-mainstream bathroom décor.

Subway Tiles Everywhere

Rustic Bathroom Ideas with Tin Subway Tiles Everywhere
img src : Max Kim-Bee

Get clean bathroom with clean white subway tiles. Your washroom is never this adorable before, with mosaic tile for shower flooring combined with cement flooring in dry zone.

But they are not as amazing as unique sink made from reusable metal tub! Being a focal point in the bathroom, the tub provides ample space to wash your face. This, however, is a great addition to evoke rustic nuance within the room.

Perfect Reflection with Giant Wall Mirror

Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas Perfect Reflection with Giant Wall Mirror
img src : cupcakecountrygirl

Bathroom is a space to prepare yourself before facing the world. From this idea, it is necessary to make the best preparation each and every day. This giant wall mirror is all you need to show the best reflection of you.

Rustic bathroom ideas with huge wall mirror is suitable for small bathroom, providing visually larger space. Combined with subtle color, this is a cozy place to make your mood each morning.

Hanging wire rack is a clever solution to organize your items, while tiered plate serves as focal point on the vanity.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity for On Budget Remodeling

Rustic Bathroom Ideas for Black Vanity Rustic Bathroom Vanity for On Budget Remodeling
img src : pinterest

Upgrading your bathroom should not hurt your purse. Take a look at the following bathroom vanity ideas that will not break your savings.

Designed in rustic concept, the open vanity looks harmonious with rustic wall mirror and shiplap wall in subtle green color scheme. You can organize clean towels, tissue, or extra toilet papers on the vanity.

The design is quite simple that you can make it as DIY project. The sturdy material make sure your activity is well supported by this vanity. Clean white sink looks contrast, yet it provides nice view inside the bathroom.

Wood, Wood Everywhere

Wood Rustic Bathroom Ideas Wood, Wood Everywhere
img src : pinterest

This bathroom design reminds you of cowboy movie. Providing rustic wooden wall, sturdy vanity and stone sink, experience different ambience inside the bathroom.

Wait until you see the door! This is going to be inspiring bathroom door ideas, adopting double swing doors you usually see in cowboy movies.

Overall, this bathroom gives warm and fresh nuance. Do not forget rustic rug that will accentuate country style that you have.

Stone Bathroom to Get Closer to Nature

Rustic Bathroom Ideas Log Cabins Stone Bathroom to Get Closer to Nature
img src : digsdigs

Enjoy your bath time with this natural stone bathroom. These rustic bathroom ideas are savvy to upgrade your washroom in unique way.

The bath tub is covered by natural stone, allowing you to feel the sensation of soaking embraced by Mother Nature. Wood textured wall is a perfection to this natural bathroom design.

Get these tips to make your bathroom closer to the nature:

  • Plants are the easiest element to evoke natural touch to the bathroom. Choose indoor plant and put everywhere in your washroom.
  • Employ some stones to accentuate the natural nuance.
  • Get sufficient sunlight to adopt the atmosphere of outdoor.

Affordable Bathroom Redesign

Rustic Bathroom Ideas Remodeling Yourself Affordable Bathroom Redesign
img src : pinterest

Do you want to revamp the bathroom without spending huge amount of money? This is a rustic bathroom concept you should adopt! Shower cabin with wood grain tiles strengthen the rustic feeling inside the room. Not to mention the harmonious flooring tile that evokes warm ambience.

Good news, half height separator can be functional too! You can organize accessories or ornaments such as decorative lamp or aromatherapy candles to elevate the interior.

Shiplap Background with Blue-Sea Wall, Yay or Nay?

Western Rustic Bathroom Ideas Shiplap Background with Blue-Sea Wall, Yay or Nay
img src : pinterest

Shiplap is rustic’s best friend. Try to evoke rustic feeling inside your bathroom with shiplap wall and hardwood flooring! This is an inexpensive way to renovate your bathroom.

How about the other side of the wall? Blue wall scheme looks uncommon yet it results fresh ambience. Warmth from shiplap wall combined with cool blue paint results nice feeling that makes you feel cozy.

Gorgeous Rustic Industrial Bathroom

Bathroom Decor DIY Rustic Bathroom Ideas Gorgeous Rustic Industrial Bathroom
img src : etsy

These rustic bathroom ideas are combined with industrial design that result amazing bathroom decoration.

Rustic cabinet with vanity provides extra storage to keep your bathroom organized. Vanity with drawers is also a great addition, not only to support the sink but also offer organizer for personal items.

The emphasis is on galvanized industrial lighting that make statement of this bathroom idea. Combined with maroon wall paint, your soul will be satisfied!

Shabby Chic Décor with Rustic Vanity

Rustic Bathroom Ideas Photo Gallery Shabby Chic Décor with Rustic Vanity
img src : houzz

How about adopting shabby chic décor to revamp your bathroom? This can be a refreshing idea to get different feeling for each use.

Rustic vanity in washed green color scheme looks contrast with the entire beige elements. Combined with rustic bordered mirror, warm ambience is ready to indulge you. Thanks to double wall light that makes your makeup activity more convenient.

Concrete Log Sink You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Best Looking Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas Concrete Log Sink You Can’t Find Anywhere Else
img src : etsy

Get concrete sink to upgrade your bathroom! This is really fresh rustic bathroom ideas you can never resist. Employing concrete sink crafted in wooden log, this gives rustic country feeling. The sink is easy to clean, scratch resistance, and obviously durable.

The concrete sink is combined with rustic vanity and wooden wall. Large mirror reflects everything in front of it, making it a suitable décor for small bathroom.

The rustic bathroom concept provides warm feeling, even for winter. Combine with ambience lighting to add dramatic effect.

Log Cabin Bathroom So Relaxing

Light Blue Rustic Bathroom Ideas Log Cabin Bathroom So Relaxing
img src : pinterest

Feel the relaxing atmosphere with log cabin bathroom. Employing shiplap wall combined with rustic bordered mirror, this bathroom décor is suitable for any size including the tiny one.

Open shelves above the toilet provides additional storage for your personal items. Toilet separator serves best not only to divide the room but also to organize bathroom ornaments.

Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Ideas

Redecorating Rustic Bathroom Ideas Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Ideas
img src : Lake Sylvia
Rustic Bathroom Ideas for Small Bathrooms Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Ideas 2
img src : Cameo Homes
Rustic Bathroom Ideas on a Budget Farmhouse Rustic Bathroom Ideas 3
img src : Big-D Signature

Rustic Stone Bathroom Ideas

Country Rustic Bathroom Ideas Grey Rustic Stone Bathroom Ideas
img src : High Camp Home
Small Rustic Bathroom Ideas on A Budget Rustic Stone Bathroom Ideas 2
img src : Pearson Design
DIY Rustic Bathroom Ideas Rustic Stone Bathroom Ideas 3
img src : Neal Prince Studio

To accentuate rustic nuance, country style decorations are also included. Install floating wall rack to organize your accessories.

Which rustic bathroom ideas you like the most? Redesigning bathroom becomes much more fun with these inspirations!

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