21 Stylish Pantry Door Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Efficient

Need Pantry Door Ideas? Let’s admit it. We often put most of the focus on the large parts of the kitchen and neglect the smaller parts, including the pantry door. While the pantry main function is to be storage and/or extra room in the kitchen, we can always improve them.

Pantry Door Ideas

We can help you do just that. So to inspire you, we listed some pantry door to make pantry door more interesting. Let’s start now.

Simple Sliding Pantry Door

Single Sliding Pantry Door Ideas Simple Sliding Pantry Door
Single Sliding Pantry Door Ideas img src : Cummings Architects
Pantry Door Ideas Sliding Door Hardware Simple Sliding Pantry Door 2
img src : pinterest

Sometimes, less is more. In this case, you can install a simple sliding door to make your pantry more interesting. A simple sliding door is it takes minimal space to the pantry. After all, the hinge is installed above the door and not on the wall.

In terms of appearance, you can use a contrasting color for the door. Let’s say that you have a white pantry. You can install a black sliding door for it. The contrast between the pantry’s walls and the door makes it more appealing.

Modern Pantry Door Ideas

Modern Pantry Door Ideas Modern Pantry Door Ideas
Modern Pantry Door Ideas img src : Blum UK

Next in our pantry door ideas list is the modern pantry door. You use a modern design for your kitchen. What kind of pantry door should you use? Yes, a modern one. If the pantry door has the same design as the rest of the kitchen, it will blend nicely. It will complement the overall theme of the kitchen too.

In the picture above, the pantry has two doors. The doors are gray in color and have sharp, defining features. The doors can be opened to almost 180 degrees, making it easier to access the inside of the pantry. It is a good combination of functionalities and aesthetics.

Farmhouse Pantry Door

Farmhouse Pantry Door Ideas Farmhouse Pantry Door
img src : etsy
Swinging Pantry Door Ideas Farmhouse Pantry Door 2
img src : carlaaston

Farmhouse design is quite popular nowadays. If you like farmhouse design, why not use a farmhouse pantry door? Unlike modern door that requires a general theme in the kitchen, you can use a farmhouse pantry door without having to have a kitchen with farmhouse design. Will it look great? Absolutely.

In the picture above, the pantry door becomes a focal point. It looks old and different. Yet, it has a unique appeal to it. Notice that the door know is old as well. If you want a focal point in your kitchen, adding a farmhouse pantry door is a good idea.

Rustic Pantry Door

Rustic Pantry Door Ideas Rustic Pantry Door
img src : classic_interiors
Antique Pantry Door Ideas Rustic Pantry Door 2
img src : pinterest

There is a reason why rustic pantry door is included in our list. The reason is that rustic furniture has a timeless appeal. Of course, this includes rustic pantry doors as well. Rustic pantry doors, just like any other rustic furniture, bring a classic, old, and unique vibe to the room.

Rustic pantry doors are also flexible as well. You can have a rustic kitchen and install rustic pantry doors to complement it. You can have other kitchen design and still install rustic pantry doors to create a focal point of the kitchen.

Chalkboard Pantry Door

Chalkboard Pantry Door Ideas in Houzz Chalkboard Pantry Door
img src : thistlewoodfarms

Need something to write on a recipe or shopping list? Well, why not use the pantry door? There are many chalkboard pantry doors in the market. Not to mention they come in various sizes and shapes, too so you will find a chalkboard door that fits your pantry.

Compared to other doors in this pantry door ideas list, chalkboard pantry doors are more ‘customizable.’ You can write a recipe, a shopping list, or even draw something to make the kitchen more interesting. Very nice, isn’t it? If you want this kind of door, just remember to clean the chalk once in a while.

Glass Pantry Door

Kitchen Pantry Pantry Door Ideas Glass Pantry Door
img src : haven.studios

If you want to showcase what’s inside your pantry, your best option will be a glass pantry door. Here’s why:

  • It allows natural light to enter the pantry
  • It keeps dirt, dust, and other substances from entering the pantry
  • It looks stylish

The downside of a glass pantry door is that it is less durable than other materials. It can get dirty quick and can break if hit hard enough. As such, it is not a good option if you have children and/or pet who love to play around the kitchen.

Frosted Glass Pantry Door

Small Pantry Door Ideas Frosted Glass Pantry Door
img src : mowlemandco

In case you want the stylish look of a glass door but don’t want to showcase what’s inside the pantry, consider installing a frosted glass door.

A frosted glass door has all the advantages and disadvantages of a regular glass door sans the transparency. Also, compared to regular glass doors, frosted glass doors have more design options.

Will a frosted glass door without unique patterns look stylish? Well, of course.  Even if there no unique patterns on it, a frosted glass door still looks great. The above picture is an example of this. It is among pantry door ideas that allow natural light to enter the pantry

Barn Door for Pantry

Bifold Pantry Door Ideas Barn Door for Pantry
img src : Robert Paige Cabinetry

Barn doors are unique. They can be installed on many occasions. This includes a pantry door as well. A barn door usually looks quite simple. But its simplicity is what makes interesting. It is a good choice if you want to highlight the other parts of the kitchen yet still want to make the pantry a bit more interesting.

In the picture above, the owner showcases what’s inside of his pantry. Since the pantry door looks simple, it helps to highlight them, turning them into a focal point.

Pocket Pantry Door

Sliding Pantry Door Ideas Pocket Pantry Door

Not everyone has the luxury of a roomy kitchen. Some of us have small kitchens. If you have a small kitchen, a pocket pantry door is the best option.

Why? The reason is that virtually a pocket door doesn’t take any space in the kitchen as it ‘slides’ into the wall.

Pocket doors are also a good option for homeowners who want something simple yet interesting for their pantry as well, regardless of their kitchen size.

Pantry Door with Wire Screen

Small Pantry Door Ideas Pantry Door with Wire Screen
img src : hometalk

Most examples of our pantry door ideas here don’t allow for air circulation when they are closed.  What if you want air circulation for your pantry? If that is what you are looking for, consider installing a pantry door with wire mesh.

A door with wire mesh keeps the items inside safe while at the same time allowing air to move in and out from the pantry. The downsides of this kind of door are that it requires dusting once in a while and it allows small animals to enter the pantry.

Pantry Door with Shoji Screens

Pantry Door Ideas DIY Pantry Door with Shoji Screens
img src : shojiscreen

Want to add traditional Japanese flair to your kitchen? Having a pantry door with shoji screens will do that. In Japanese architecture, a shoji is the room divider used as a door or window. Of course, it can be used as a pantry door as well.

While we already mentioned other sliding pantry door ideas examples above, a pantry with shoji screens is quite different as it is usually made of translucent papers with wood frame rather than solid material. Keep in mind that since the door is made of papers, it is not as durable as other kinds of sliding doors.

Built-in Pantry Door

Unique Pantry Door Ideas Built-in Pantry Door
img src : pinterest

There are many ways to save space in the kitchen. One of them is to create a built-in pantry. A built-in pantry should have doors that blend with the surrounding. This will ‘mask’ the pantry, making it as if there is no pantry at all when the door is closed.

Fabric Pantry ‘Door’

Creative Double Pantry Door Ideas Fabric Pantry ‘Door’
img src : HGTV

No one says that the door needs to be made of solid materials. You can use fabric as a door, too. In the example above, the pantry is enclosed by curtains. This makes the items inside very accessible. Not to mention you can showcase them, too.

One of the best things about fabric pantry door is that you can change them easily. After all, they are basically a curtain to begin with. Do keep in mind that they can’t hold the items from falling. They can’t prevent small animals from entering the pantry, either.

Pantry Doors that Blends with Cabinets

Kitchen Pantry Door Ideas Pantry Doors that Blends with Cabinets
img src : StarMark Cabinetry

Although many examples in our pantry door ideas list here turn the pantry doors into a focal point in the kitchen, it doesn’t have to be always like that. Sometimes, it is best to use the pantry doors as a complementary part, rather than the main part, of a kitchen.

A good example is a pantry door that has the same color and similar shape to the kitchen cabinets. This kind of pantry door becomes part of a kitchen and allows other parts to be the focal point.

Pantry Doors with Storage

Hidden Pantry Door Ideas Pantry Doors with Storage
img src : theownerbuildernetwork

The last in our list of pantry door ideas are pantry doors with storage. Extra storage is always welcome. This is especially true in the kitchen. Having extra storage to store your stuff is very convenient. To have extra storage, however, you don’t have to take up any space.

Vintage Pantry Door Ideas

Small Kitchen Pantry Door Ideas Vintage Pantry Door Ideas
img src : pinterest

Walk-In Pantries Kitchen

Glass Pantry Door Ideas Walk-In Pantries Kitchen
imgg src : lizmarieblog.com

Pantry Door Vinyl Decal

Frosted Glass Pantry Door Ideas Pantry Door Vinyl Decal
img src : eatsy

Simple Pantry Door

Pantry Door Ideas for Small Spaces Simple Pantry Door

In case you want extra storage, you can turn your pantry doors into storage by installing parts that allow you to hang and/or hold items in. How many parts you need to turn into extra storage is up to you. Some homeowners use half of the door. Some use almost the entire of the door.

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