20 Cute Flower Pot Ideas To Make Your Garden Wonderful

Do you have flower pots sitting in the garden? Even if you don’t have a garden, you probably still have a few pots sitting around your house. Just like many other decorations, flower pots can be aesthetical and not just functional as our flower pot ideas will show you shortly.

The ideas we listed here vary so much you’d find one, two, or more to your liking. You might not even expect some, too. Are you ready? Let’s get to them now. Here are our pot ideas that will help you freshens your house.

Address Post Pot

flower pot decoration ideas Address Post Pot
source : hellofarmhouse

Want a quick and easy way to improve the curb appeal of your house? That’s easy. Just hang a flower pot on the address post. A hanging flower pot will make the front of the house fresher and more attractive, especially if the flower has vibrant colors.

The flower pot itself need not be very decorative. A simple flower pot, as seen here, will do the job well. What’s needed is a pot with an equally eye-catching shape or color. No one can just ignore such a flower pot at the front.

Wooden Box Planter

Homemade Flower Pot Ideas Wooden Box Planter
Homemade Flower Pot Ideas source : bythecottagedoor

The thing about flower pot ideas is that you just need to be imaginative to get a good-looking flower pot. And that can mean reusing and repurposing things you already have. For example, turning an unused wood box into a planter box.

A repurposed planter box looks good on its own. You can do more with it if you want, of course. Have empty storage underneath and want to make things merrier? Just add another flower pot underneath. The double flower pots will make an interesting sight in the garden.

Hidden Planter

Garden Flower Pot Ideas Hidden Planter
Garden Flower Pot Ideas source : Gulley Greenhouse

While here we give you many examples of flower pot design, it doesn’t mean you have to show it off or make the pot as the focal point.

In some cases, letting the flowers to make a statement of their own is the best thing to do. This is particularly true if you have lots of fresh, colorful flowers.

The planter here is ‘hidden’ by the lush flowers, being less visible than the other flower pot with flowers. This allows for the vibrant-colored flowers to stand out and become a focal point.

Leg Stand Planter

flower pot design ideas Leg Stand Planter
source : balconygardenweb

Rustic flower pot ideas are common even in the areas outside the countryside. There is a good reason why. A garden with rustic touches looks warmer, more inviting, and just good-looking. And it doesn’t take much to add such touches, too.

As seen here, the rustic vibe is brought by the flower pot design, which in and of itself makes a nice addition to the garden.

Being filled with flowers, however, make it even more beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. The bonus is that the flower pot is portable, allowing you to move it to any position you want.

Repurposed Garden Containers

Outdoor Flower Pot Ideas Repurposed Garden Containers
Outdoor Flower Pot Ideas source : decorateme

Don’t have flower pot to use? Or perhaps you want fancy flower pot DIY? Use your garden container and turn it into a flower pot.

A flower pot can be made with almost anything as long as the container can hold the soil and flower. That is the only requirement. A garden container can do that easily.

To get the best look from this flower pot, plant two kinds of flowers. One is smaller flowers to hide the soil. The other is larger flowers to be the center of attention. And there you go. An amazing flower pot garden made of a repurposed flower container.

Vintage Flower Pot Ideas

Cheap Flower Pot Ideas Vintage Flower Pot Ideas
source : organizedclutter

Like vintage flower pot ideas? This one is for you then. The easiest way to make a statement is by including a decoration that looks different and unusual. In this case, a flower pot design with vintage touches.

Notice how the brightly-colored flowers become more noticeable thanks to the reused bucket. It doesn’t stop there, of course.

The flowers become even more noticeable as the makeshift pot is placed on an old vintage chair. The vintage touches pull the attention to the flowers, which makes a very unique statement in the garden.

Recycled Cedar Fences

Rustic Flower Pot Ideas Recycled Cedar Fences
Rustic Flower Pot Ideas source : Deb Freeman

The next one here is for those who like to do flower pot DIY projects. Flower pots are so common. Thanks to this commonness, they look plain and boring.

They don’t look special at all. Fortunately, that can be changed by decorating the pots. For instance, using repurposed cedar fences.

The usual, plain-looking flower pot design is hidden from sight as it is covered by the fences. The cedar fences make it as if they are the planter. This creates a bit unusual look. A unique, interesting look.

Hanging Buckets

Front Door Flower Pot Ideas Hanging Buckets
Front Door Flower Pot Ideas source : twowomenandahoe

What do you think about these flower pot hangers? Planting a flower in a pot and put them on the ground is so common. If you want to break the routine or save some space, try hanging your planters instead.

Catch the attention of your guests with these flower pot hangers. Not only these hangers allow you to do some gardening, but they also make eye-catching decorations as well. Better yet, they can be made with many things already in possession. Like buckets, for example.

A pot or planter is usually placed on the ground. Of course, that is not the only way to do things. You can, for instance, let them hang.

Hanging them is a smart way to both save available space and make a statement. Want to make your own DIY hanging planter? Find out more about it here.

Halloween Flower Pot Ideas

Halloween Flower Pot Ideas Halloween Flower Pot Ideas
source : buzzfeed

The best flower pot ideas are those that allow you to be creative and imaginative. You might notice that many of our flower pot design examples don’t include terracotta.

That doesn’t mean you can’t make something interesting and attractive out of it. You can and this example here is proof of that.

Terracotta flower pots may be common. Terracotta flower pots with arts, on the other hand, are not. You can make very interesting flower pots using terracotta. You can paint them, glue and attach stuff on them, and so on. Want to make it personal? Try making simple arts on your terracotta flower pots.

Summer Geranium

Full Sun Flower Pot Ideas Summer Geranium
source : housebeautiful

This idea is a bit different. It is about placement instead of what items you turn into a flower pot with flowers. Look around your house.

Do you think there is enough space to make a garden of your own? If you don’t think there is any, think again. Look at those empty, unoccupied steps.

Freshen your steps with some flower pots. Add three or more pots and create a single line. This will make the space around feels and looks fresher and more interesting. Best of all, this works both for the flower pot outdoor and indoor.

Container Flower Pot

flower pot ideas on pinterest Container Flower Pot
source : tomgardeb

Of all flower pot ideas, this is probably the most unusual one. The flower pot with flowers is not made of terracotta, buckets, or gardening containers. Instead, it is made of an iron tub. Due to this, you can plant many flowers on it.

Reusing unused items is awesome. You don’t need to buy anything as you work with what you already have and it is environment-friendly as well. The bonus is, it has an unusual look. So it will stand out and add a unique visual cue.

Wicker Basket Flower Pots

flower pot ideas for front porch Wicker Basket Flower Pots
source : mestergronn

These flower pots are examples of flower pot indoor. Unlike their outdoor counterparts, indoor flower pots need to be portable. And what’s more portable than a basket? There is nothing to doubt about the portability of a basket pot.

With such kind of a pot, you get double benefits. Practically, moving the pot around is a lot easier. In turn, making managing, arranging, and cleaning easier. Aesthetically, a basket flower pot is extraordinary. After all, how often do you see such a planter?

Summer Flower Pot

Summer Flower Pot Ideas Summer Flower Pot
source : botanicalblitz

When it comes to flower pot ideas, there is practically no limit on what kind of material used to make the pot. For example, if you want your balcony to be fancier, you can add a marble flower pot for balcony as seen here.

The lush, vibrant green is contrasted with the pale white of the marble. This creates a balanced visual cue that will surely stand out on the balcony. With this flower pot design, the balcony is fresher and looks more appealing.

Five Tiered Flower Pot

Unique Flower Pot Ideas Five Tiered Flower Pot
source : dengarden

Do you have several flower pots with different sizes? Sometimes, to make the space looks fresher and more attractive, all it takes is some rearrangement. In this case, by rearranging the flower pots. Instead of arranging them horizontally on the flower, stack them up.

Aside from being space-efficient, the stacked flower pots become a focal point that none can miss, let alone ignore. This is especially true if the flowers are overflowing from their respective pot, creating an impression as if they are somehow connected.

Upcycled Colander

Creative Flower Pot Ideas Upcycled Colander
Creative Flower Pot Ideas source : sadieseasongoods

As you can see from the previous flower pot ideas, you can turn many unused items into amazing and beautiful flower pots. This one here is another example of that. This time, the flower pot with flowers is made of an iron colander.

A colander has a curved shape and many small holes at its bottom. These features make colander one of the best choices as they resemble conventional pots very much. Better yet, the ‘ears’ of the colander allows you to hang the pot.

Entry Décor

Flower Pot Ideas Entry Décor
Flower Pot Ideas source : houzz

The entryway is often left empty. Yet, this is the first and foremost spot where your guests stop before entering the house. If anything, this is the perfect spot to make a positive first impression.

Want an easy way to do make such a first impression? Just create a pocket flower pot design and plant tropical flowers in it. Tropical flowers transform what is an otherwise plain and basic entryway into a fresh, lively one.

Pot for a Small ‘Tree’

Backyard Flower Pot Ideas Pot for a Small ‘Tree’
Backyard Flower Pot Ideas source : edenmakersblog

The next one on our flower pot ideas list looks a bit conventional. Still, it looks just as good and refreshing as the others.

Unlike the others, this pot is to accommodate a small ‘tree.’ It is not technically a tree, only multiple flowers grown into a tree-like shape. Surprising? Very. Looks good? Absolutely.

Flower Pot for Front Door

Flower Pot Ideas for Front Door Flower Pot for Front Door
source : tarynwhiteaker

What if your house has a modern decor style? In that case, go with the flow. Choose the modern pot design as seen here.

Notice the planters here do not have the usual circle simple with a reddish-brown color. Rather, they are black and white, with shapes commonly used in the modern decor.

These kinds of planters make the perfect decoration on the entrance. Your guests will be greeted and welcomed by fresh, lush flowers. A fresh and natural way to make a memorable first impression.

Add Style to the Outdoor

Outdoor Flower Pot Ideas Pinterest Add Style to the Outdoor
source : thegardendiaries

While the main purpose of adding flower pot with flowers here is to freshen the house, that doesn’t mean you can’t choose to be stylish.

You can. In fact, you should. The ideal flower pot is one that not only enables you to grow a flower but also one that decorates the space.

Add style to your outdoor garden with a unique, black flower pot design. Let the flowers overflow from the pot to the floor and make a statement. A stylish statement.

Speaking of the outdoor, who doesn’t like to have an outdoor garden in their house? Alas, not everyone has the necessary space to create one.

Don’t be disheartened, though. With a bit of imagination, you can create a garden inside the house. Need inspiration? Check out these indoor garden ideas and get inspired.

Mosaic Ceramic

Painted Flower Pot Ideas Mosaic Ceramic
Painted Flower Pot Ideas source : betweennapsontheporch

This one is the last flower pot design on our flower pot ideas list. Do you like both ceramic and mosaic? If the answer is yes, here’s a good news for you: there is no need to choose either of them. You can choose both.

A ceramic mosaic flower pot looks so amazing outdoor. In and of itself, it already adds value to the space. Added with living flowers, the appeal increased even further. Such a pot suits best to be a flower pot outdoor on the entrance to greet your guests.

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