14 Creative Lawn Edging Ideas to Make Your Lawn Awesome

Looking for lawn edging ideas? Sometimes, what makes a lawn looks groomed and well-organized or messy is something as simple as lawn edging. That is why it is important to design your lawn edging properly.

Below, we have some creative ideas that turn your regular lawn into an awesome one. Don’t worry. Our ideas are simple. Yes, you can try these ideas yourself. Let’s get to them know, shall we?

Natural Rocks

Creative Lawn Edging Ideas Natural Rocks
Creative Lawn Edging Ideas img src : theownerbuildernetwork

What blends well with a green lawn? That’s right. A lawn edging created from natural stones. Lawn edging stones make a great addition to a green lawn.

Not only that, but the stones also create a fine line to separate what is inside the lawn and what is outside as well. All without looking too obnoxious.

There is also the fact that natural stones have earth tone colors. Earthly tone colors are known to have a calming effect. So if you want to create a calming vibe on your lawn, natural stones are among your best options.

Reclaimed Bricks

Brick Lawn Edging Ideas Reclaimed Bricks
Brick Lawn Edging Ideas PHOTO BY KOLIN SMITH

The second in our lawn edging ideas is to use reclaimed bricks. Reclaimed bricks are known to bring a prestigious vibe to the nearby space.

Of course, this also applies to the lawn as well. Since they have brownish colors, they provide good contrast between the lawn and its outer part.

The above picture is a good example of contrast in a lawn. Notice how the lawn looks separated from the plantings thanks to the lined-up reclaimed bricks. As a lawn edging, reclaimed bricks do create a distinct line of separation.

Glowing Bricks

Garden Lawn Edging Ideas Glowing Bricks
Garden Lawn Edging Ideas img src : hometalk

The beauty of a lawn should not be limited to daytime only. If you can make a lawn looks great during the night, there is no reason not to do so.

For example, you can install lighting under the bricks. When the night comes, turn on the light and voila! You get a beautiful lawn.

To make things even better, add pebbles in between the line of bricks and the plantation. The light reflected on the bricks and pebbles sure is a beautiful sight to see. Especially, if the pebbles have light colors.

Flower Pots

DIY Lawn Edging Ideas Flower Pots
DIY Lawn Edging Ideas img src : Eva Robild

Speaking of lawn edging material, there are just so many materials you can use. Have unused flower pots? Rather than leaving them lying on the ground unused, use them to create a lawn edging.

How should you use the pots? Is it half or full? It doesn’t matter. It will look great either way. So in case you need a long lawn edging yet have not enough pots, dividing a pot into two is always an option. Just be creative with these lawn edging ideas!

Nested flower pots work even better if you plant herbs in your garden. And speaking of herbs, here we also have herb garden ideas. If you need insight, just go check them out.

Used Glass Bottles

Cheap Lawn Edging Ideas Used Glass Bottles
img src : BHG

Let’s continue with another used material as a lawn edging border. This time, the edging is made from unused glass bottles.

Unused glass bottles, albeit do not bring the same natural feel as natural rocks or bricks, create a good fence for the lawn. It creates a nice contrast, especially if the bottles have a darker color.

Since they are glass, only use bottles that still have a good condition. Never use bottles that have cracks on them. This is to avoid the bottles from breaking, which can be dangerous especially if you have children or pets.

Flowing Lawn Edging Stones

Natural Lawn Edging Ideas Flowing Lawn Edging Stones
img src : Johnsen Landscapes

Do you have a herb garden? There are many ideas to create a lawn edging for a herb garden. One of these lawn edging ideas is to create flowing edging stones like in the picture above. Notice how the lawn and the plants are separated and yet, the stones connect these two parts.

Are you looking for herb garden ideas? If you are, you may want to check our ideas. There are many ways to style a herb garden. Ours will help you get started styling yours. So be sure to check them out!

Simple Lawn Edging Wood

Wooden Lawn Edging Ideas Simple Lawn Edging Wood
img src : gardenersworld

Take a good look at the picture above. What do you think? Compared to the previous lawn edging ideas, using a simple wood edging is certainly the simpler choice. Don’t be mistaken, though. Despite its apparent simplicity, you can just see that a wooden lawn edging looks great.

What makes it even better is that it is easier to create. You don’t need stones or bricks. You just need wooden boards. Want to create a more natural look? Use unfinished wooden boards.

Mini Fence Edging

Lawn Edging Ideas Pictures Mini Fence Edging
img src : elbrusphoto

What if you have a pavement road with a lawn on the side? What kind of lawn edging should you use? That’s easy. Why not use a mini fence edging?

A mini fence edging creates a fine line to separate the road and the lawn. Unlike a full-size fence, however, it doesn’t obstruct the view or access to the lawn.

Another good thing about a mini fence is that it can be replaced easily. So, if you want to change your lawn edging once in a while, you will be able to do so easily with a mini fence.

Paver Strip Edging

Lawn Edging Ideas to Keep Grass Out Paver Strip Edging
img src : Pinterest

Most of our lawn edging ideas above involves mostly natural lawn edging material. However, it is not a must. A more modern-looking material, such as pavements, can make an amazing lawn edging as well. The lawn edging on the picture above is proof of that.

Notice how the pavements create a buffer between the lawn and the soil. Additionally, due to their lighter coloration, the pavements become a focal point. Are pavements great for a lawn edging? Absolutely.

Rustic Edging

Lawn Edging Ideas Edging Stones Rustic Edging
img src : greenlandscapestoenvy

If your lawn is mostly brown in color, it is a good idea to complement it with a rustic edging. A rustic element always brings an air of warmth and calming effect. A rustic edging is, of course, also able to do so.

It doesn’t require a complex structure or a lot of materials to create a rustic edging. Things you need are wires, wooden blocks, preferably unfinished ones, and stones with various colors. Simply plant the blocks, attach two or three lines of wires and put the stones in-between each block.

‘Invisible’ Lawn Edging

Modern Lawn Edging Ideas ‘Invisible’ Lawn Edging
img src : pinterest

This one is among the most unique lawn edging ideas. How could it not? Unlike the other ideas that have clearly visible edgings, the edging in this one is ‘invisible.’

That is, it is as if the edging is not there. This kind of edging creates a fine line of separation between the lawn and the outside.

To create this sort of edging you need to dig a few inches in the area between the lawn and its outside. You can be creative with it. You can, for example, create a straight line. Or, as the image above has shown you, create curves. Both are great and only you know which works best for your lawn.

Layered Stones

Lawn Edging Ideas for Easy Mowing Layered Stones
img src : Steph M

Next is for those who have a flower garden in their lawn. If you have a flower garden, you may want to allow it to blend with the lawn. To blend the garden and the lawn, you will need an edging that can blend nicely. Layered stones can do that nicely.

See the image above again. What do you think? On one hand, the layers of stones create an attention-grabbing edging.

On the other, the edging doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. It may not be as natural-looking as natural stones edging. Still, it blends quite nicely.

Speaking of flower gardens, do you have one? And if you do have a flower garden, how do you style it? If you need any inspiration, our flower garden ideas here can help you with that.

Bricks, Pebbles, and Stones

Pictures of Lawn Edging Ideas Bricks, Pebbles, and Stones
img src : foreverdecorating

Are you limited to use only one lawn edging material? The answer is no. You are not limited to only one material. On the contrary, you can incorporate multiple edging materials at once and still have a good-looking lawn edging.

To create a lawn edging like the above, you will need

  • Bricks, can be new or reclaimed
  • Pebbles
  • Stones, preferably with different colors

First, create layers of bricks on the outer side of the lawn. Then, place the pebbles. Finally, build the stones fence at the farthest part of the lawn. Of course, you can create a different combination, even using different materials if you want.

High Wooden Edging

Wood Lawn Edging Ideas High Wooden Edging
img src : twinyc.com

The last in our lawn edging ideas is a high wooden edging. Previously, we gave you an example of simple wooden edging. This one, however, is a bit different. Unlike the first wooden edging which is flat, this wooden edging is elevated from the ground and not flat.

A wooden edging is always a good go-to option if you want something natural yet distinguishable. Due to its natural color, it can blend well with greeneries, plants, and even soils. It is without a doubt a nice complementary element to have.

Want both a nice-looking edging for your lawn and a makeshift long bench? Create a high wooden edging like in the picture above. This kind of edging is both functional and aesthetical. Just be sure that the boards used are sturdy and don’t wear out easily.

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