16 Genius Makeup Storage Ideas to Help You Organize

Looking for makeup storage ideas? Everyone loves clean and organized makeup storage. After all, keeping makeup storage clean and organized makes life easier. With such storage, what you need to do is to sit down and start applying makeup straight away.

Here, we gathered 16 clever ideas to help you organize your makeup storage. There are many creative ways that you can try. Alright, now let’s get to the ideas.

Copper Makeup Storage Box

makeup storage ideas for small spaces Copper Makeup Storage Box
makeup storage ideas for small spaces – source : pinterest

It won’t take much to make the makeup storage more organized. Even something as simple as a bronze makeup storage box can help. This bronze box can be used to contain various makeup tools, particularly ones that have rectangular shapes.

Due to its color and see-through design, you can use the bronze makeup storage box to showcase your makeup tools inside it. So yes, it is both functional as storage and decorative as it showcases what’s inside.

Makeup Storage Portable

Makeup Storage Ideas Cheap Makeup Storage Portable
Makeup Storage Ideas Cheap – source : syafothmanasad

The next in our makeup storage ideas list is makeup storage portable containers. This kind of storage is ideal for women who move around a lot or like redecorate their makeup room from time to time. With portable storage, the makeup tools will be a lot easier to manage.

Makeup storage portable containers also keep things clean and neat. They are easy to clean so there is no need to worry about cleanliness. With multiple containers, you can also put each makeup tools based on their category.

By the way, are you in need of some inspiration to design your makeup room? If you are, here we have some makeup room ideas that will inspire you. So, check them out!

Creative Makeup Storage Cabinet

diy makeup storage ideas for small spaces Creative Makeup Storage Cabinet
diy makeup storage ideas for small spaces – source : pinterest

Makeup storage cabinet comes in various size, shape, and style. This cabinet has a rather unique style. It looks like intersecting rectangles, each has a different size. If you like

  1. an artistic touch for your makeup room
  2. storage for the makeup tools
  3. showcasing your makeup tools collection
  4. then this idea is perfect for you.

This makeup storage cabinet doesn’t look like the regular cabinet you usually see. This is the reason why the cabinet is attractive.

If you install this cabinet in your makeup room, none of your guests will be able to ignore it. Functional? Of course. Interesting? Certainly.

Makeup Storage Ideas

Makeup Storage Ideas
source : missysue

Not everyone has the luxury of having a large makeup room. Some of us have to make do with a small makeup room. If you have a small makeup room, keeping things organized is a must. Clutter will make it feels cramped and looks smaller. Of course, you don’t want that.

To make the best of the available space, use small containers that are stacked vertically. This way, it won’t much space and gives you the storage you need. Compared to the previous makeup storage ideas, this one fits better for a small makeup room.

Makeup Storage Drawers

makeup storage ideas alex drawers Makeup Storage Drawers
source : emeliesplace

“Hidden’ storage, including makeup storage drawers, is always fascinating. How could they not? They can appear with their contents when you need them. When you don’t, you can just ‘hide’ them away and they won’t be visible.

The above is an excellent example of how ‘hidden’ makeup storage drawers are. Notice how the drawers are used in two ways: first as a table where there are mirrors, essential makeup tools, and a few decors, and second as storage for the rest of the makeup tools you need.

Makeup Trolley

Makeup Storage Ideas Ikea Makeup Trolley
source : whoismocca

Are you an individual who moves around a lot and bring your makeup tools with you? Unlike most of our makeup storage ideas here which are unsuitable for such a lifestyle, this idea does. Rather than have cabinets or containers to organize your makeup tools, use a makeup trolley instead.

Notice that the trolley has wheels under it, allowing you to bring it to anywhere you want with ease. Each tier is also expandable, which makes it easy to access makeup tools even if they are stored in the bottom tier.

Makeup Storage Overhaul

Makeup Storage Ideas Pinterest Makeup Storage Overhaul
source : pintsizedbeauty

If you have only a few makeup tools, you won’t need large makeup storage to store them. You can just go for a small makeup storage box instead.

The number of the box is, of course, depends on your need. Some women may need only one or two boxes, while some others may need more.

The best things about these boxes are that they don’t use a lot of space. So if you have a few makeup tools, you can organize them in an orderly manner without taking a lot of space. The boxes tend to be transparent as well, allowing you to peek what is inside.

Organized Drawers

Makeup Storage Cabinet Ideas Organized Drawers
source : pinterest

The previous idea is for women who don’t need much storage. But what if you do? What if you have lots of makeup tools that need to be organized? In that case, go for organized makeup storage drawers like the above.

The drawers are long, meaning you can store a lot of makeup tools within each drawer. To make things simple, try storing tools that are in the same category inside one particular drawer. This way, it will be a lot easier when you are looking for a certain makeup tool.

Rose Gold Mirrored

Makeup Storage Ideas DIY Rose Gold Mirrored
source : makeup organizers

There is nothing wrong with wanting a makeup storage box that looks beautiful. A makeup tools storage box that looks beautiful will surely make applying makeup enjoyable.

The above example is among beautiful makeup storage ideas in our list. The box is reflective while having its own bronze color.

It can store lots of makeup tools, from brushes, lipsticks to creams. Since this box is pleasant to see, you can even turn them into a focal point in your makeup room.

Stylish Makeup Storage Ideas

Makeup Vanity Storage Ideas Stylish Makeup Storage Ideas
source : Joligrace

There is nothing wrong with wanting something stylish, either. So, if you want stylish makeup storage furniture, just go ahead.

This large drawer is an excellent example of stylish makeup storage furniture. You can even say that the drawer is both aesthetical and functional.

Due to its size, it can store not just various makeup tools but also accessories, too. If you have a large array of makeup collection, this kind of storage is the perfect choice for you.

Acrylic Material for the Storage

makeup organization ideas for everyday Acrylic Material for the Storage
source : pintower

This one is unlike the previous makeup storage ideas we have here. While the other storage tends to be closed off, this one is open.

That means not only can you see what tools are on the storage, you can also access any makeup tool directly. There is no need to open anything. You just grab and go.

Open storage like this makes preparing for any occasion a lot easier. This is especially true if you often don’t have much time to apply makeup.

Cabinets on Both Sides

Makeup Palette Storage Ideas Cabinets on Both Sides
source : Pinterest

On which side should you put your makeup storage cabinet? Is it on the right or the left? If you have lots of makeup tools to store, you probably need both.

Storage on both sides may take a lot of space in the room. However, it is well worth the sacrifice as with cabinets on both sides you can manage and organize your makeup tools better. If you place a seat and a mirror in-between, you can apply makeup easier as the tools will be within your reach.

Makeup Storage Cabinet

diy makeup storage ideas Makeup Storage Cabinet
diy makeup storage ideas – source : theskinnyconfidential

Sometimes, less is more. This one is another example of simple makeup storage ideas. Well, that shouldn’t be surprising. It is, after all, a minimalist cabinet. If you are a minimalist yourself, you’d love this kind makeup storage cabinet.

On one hand, the cabinet looks simple and plain. On the other, it showcases each and every makeup tools stored inside. This creates an interesting look. You can make this cabinet stands out even more by adding lighting in it.

Tiered Storage

Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom Tiered Storage
Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Bathroom – source : Pinterest

Do you want makeup storage solutions that look unique and practical? Consider adding tiered storage like the above. On its own, the storage already looks unique and interesting. What makes it even more interesting is that it has tiers that become larger the lower they are.

Due to being tiered, this storage helps you to prioritize your makeup tools. For example, store the essentials makeup tools inside the tier that is the easiest to access for you. To make the storage stand out, you can paint it with a dark neutral color.

Makeup Storage Vanity

makeup storage ideas for bedroom Makeup Storage Vanity
makeup storage ideas for bedroom – source : wellnessbykels

The corner is often left unused, even in a makeup room. Don’t let yours left unused. Make the best of the corners instead.

For example, you can install two drawers near a corner and install shelves on the corner. This is a space-efficient way to make the best of a corner while giving you the storage you needed.

Makeup Organizer

small makeup collection storage ideas Makeup Organizer
source : pinterest

The last idea in our makeup storage ideas is something simple yet fabulous. Just look at the makeup storage drawers above. They look very, very simple. There are two containers on both sides. Each container has three drawers in it.

What makes it special is the bridge between the containers. This bridge is not decoration purpose only. It is also functional. You can use this bridge to showcase your other makeup tools, especially the essentials.

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