21+ Creative Makeup Room Ideas to Help You Get Prepared for the Day

For a woman, the makeup room is very important. It is where they prepare for the day. Are you looking for some makeup room ideas for inspiration? If you are, we can help you with that. We gathered 16 ideas to help you get prepared for the day.

From extra storage, space-efficient organizing, clever shelving to open décor. We have all that. Interested? Let’s get to know the ideas now.

Everything on the Table

Makeup Room Ideas Everything on the Table
Makeup Room Ideas – source : impressionsvanity

Who doesn’t like a tidy and organized look in their makeup room? Putting everything on the table tends to make things messy.

That can be avoided, fortunately. What you need is to be a bit more ingenious. For example, adding containers that have glass covers on the table.

Within each container, there are different makeup tools. With glass cover, you will know which container has which items.

This makes it easier to organize and manage. Not to mention the table looks clean and tidy too despite having everything put on the table.

Simple and Minimalist

vanity makeup room ideas Simple and Minimalist
vanity makeup room ideas – source : pinterest

Some women do like minimalist look for their makeup room. Do you like minimalist makeup room ideas too? If you do, you can try imitating the above design. Everything on the table has a purpose and they are organized in an orderly manner.

If you are a practical individual, a simple and minimalist makeup room design is certainly a good idea. This allows you to prepare for the day quickly while keeping things manageable. Want to make it more interesting? Easy. Just add flowers on the table and there you go. You get a simple yet beautiful makeup room.

Vanity For Teenage Girl

Makeup Room Decor Ideas Vanity For Teenage Girl
source : glambymissb

What if you have lots of makeup tools and only want to put the essentials on the table? If that is the case, try adding shelves on the sides of the table. Put the essentials on the table and put the rest on the side shelves.

With this idea, it will be a lot easier for you to manage your makeup tools regardless of their quantities. If you need a simple makeup for the day, you can just sit and prepare. If you need more elaborate makeup, just grab the other tools on the sides.

Pink and Rose Gold Vanity

Cute Makeup Room Ideas Pink and Rose Gold Vanity
Cute Makeup Room Ideas – source : perfete

The next idea in our makeup room ideas list is to add a bit of modern touch in the makeup room.  There are plenty of ways to do so.

For example, introduce defining lines and rectangular shapes. Adding a few other shapes, like a circle, and greeneries is a good idea too.

A modern makeup room design allows you to have a makeup room that is both practical and stylish. That’s right. It is not an either or situation. You can get both.

Makeup Vanity with Lights

pinterest makeup room Makeup Vanity with Lights
source : impressionsvanity

You can make a makeup room both practical and decorative. A good idea to do so is to install side shelves on both sides of the table.

Then, put your makeup tools on them as if you are showcasing them. This not only makes your makeup tools more organized but also adds beauty to the room too.

By adding storage on both sides, you will be able to keep things simple on the table. You can put your essentials on it or leave it clean from makeup tools unless you use them.

Speaking of storage, do you need extra storage for your makeup? If you do, you may want to check some makeup storage ideas that we have gathered here.

Makeup Vanity Table Chair

Small Makeup Room Ideas Makeup Vanity Table Chair
source : flipandstyle

You can make a makeup room more ‘open’ by reducing the boundaries in it. The above makeup room is a good example of this.

Notice how it has a wardrobe on the left side of the table. This openness enables you to be prepared quickly, without having to go back and forth between your wardrobe and the makeup room.

Chic Makeup Room

Makeup Room Furniture Chic Makeup Room
source : stylecaster

A chic makeup room setup certainly has a unique appeal to it. How could it not? It has a warm and friendly vibe. Not to mention it looks amazing, too. Just like other makeup room ideas on our list, this setup can be used for a small or large makeup room.

As expected from a chic décor, most of the room is white with accent colors here and there. The white color makes the makeup room looks clean and sophisticated while the accent colors from decors and the makeup tools add interest to the room.

Simple Makeup Room Ideas

ikea makeup room ideas Simple Makeup Room Ideas
Makeup Room Decor Simple Makeup Room Ideas 2
makeup room ideas for small rooms – source : moneycanbuylipstick

If you like

  • Modern décor
  • Minimalist décor
  • to keep things simple yet look stylish

then this modern and minimalist makeup room décor idea is for you. It combines the shapes often used in modern décor and at the same time, keeps the practicality and simpleness of the minimalist décor. The result? A stylish makeup room in which things are kept simple.

Notice how the makeup room mirror has a circular shape. The mirror differentiates itself from the rest of the room, adding balance.

The lighting has a modern look with its three legs and a tube-shaped head. The room is mostly in white. The furry cushion is a nice small detail that makes the room more interesting.

DIY Makeup Room Vanity

decorate makeup room DIY Makeup Room Vanity
diy makeup room ideas source : Pier 1

Creating a DIY vanity is among the best makeup room ideas if you want something different and more personal. While most makeup rooms use a table and/or drawer, this one uses two layers of shelving. Not surprisingly, it looks a bit unusual and unique.

The shelves act as both a makeup room vanity table and shelving, providing you with extra storage that is always needed in a makeup room. A DIY makeup room vanity like this keeps the makeup room simple, manageable and beautiful.

Makeup Room Lights

Makeup Room Lights
source : cocktailsanddenim

It doesn’t take much to change the look of the whole makeup room. Sometimes, what you need is to keep the makeup room setup simple.

Yes, simple, as in keeping the table simple. Notice how the table is mostly empty, only having several pieces of makeup tools and decorations.

All the makeup tools are placed on the sides of the table. This way, you will be able to focus on getting prepared for whatever occasion you are going to attend.

Keeping things simple on the table also give you a makeup room that looks clean, tidy and organized. Who wouldn’t want that?

Makeup Dressing Tables

Makeup Room Setup Makeup Dressing Tables
source : livesimplybyannie

All makeup room ideas that we have gathered here can be implemented for most makeup rooms, be it small or large ones.

That said, small space does bring limitations on makeup room design options. There is no need to worry. You can make a small makeup room looks great with a bit of ingenuity.

Notice how the makeup room only occupies a small space? Yet, despite being small, it looks attractive. Here, the mirror plays a vital role.

Other than being functional, it adds clear, defining black lines that make the room more appealing. At the same time, it makes the room feels and looks larger.

Hot Pink + White Drawers

Makeup Room Wall Decor Hot Pink + White Drawers
source : impressionsvanity

Yes, a makeup room can be colorful, too. Just look at this gorgeous pinkish makeup room. This makeup room decor is an ideal choice if you want to bring in a bright and cheerful vibe to the room.

Pink is the main color here, while the other colors, like white and light brown, balance, accentuate and complement it.

Table for Makeup Room

Makeup Room Design Table for Makeup Room
source : chendeshop

Combining black and white is one of the most common ways to make a room more interesting. Of course, this can be applied to makeup room ideas as well.

A black and white makeup room is a great option if you don’t like too much color while not wanting the makeup room look dull and boring.

Stunning Makeup Room Setup

professional makeup room ideas Stunning Makeup Room Setup
professional makeup room ideas – source : dwellingdecor

What do you think about this makeup room design? Looks stunning, right? Not only this makeup room has such a good look, but it also makes things a lot simpler. Need a certain makeup tool? Just go to either shelf. Want to wear a necklace? Find it on the other shelf.

The shelves on the sides of the table showcase makeup tools and other items. With such storage, organizing stuff will be a lot easier. It will be a lot easier to find what you need, too.

Farmhouse-inspired Makeup Room

Makeup Room Accessories Farmhouse-inspired Makeup Room
source: thefabclassychic

Do you have a farmhouse interior décor in your house? If you do, a farmhouse-inspired makeup room décor is certainly a great décor option as it will complete the farmhouse theme. It looks amazing and has a warm and familiar vibe to it, too.

White and Gold Lynn Desk

Makeup Room Organization White and Gold Lynn Desk
source : worldmarket

The last idea in our makeup room ideas list is a minimalist yet stylish makeup room. Unlike previous minimalist makeup room design ideas, this one involves bright and bold colors.

There is no limit when it comes to creativity in makeup room design. So, if you’d like to have a minimalist and stylish makeup room setup, just go ahead.

Paint the wall white and use a neutral color for the floor. Now you can add colorful items that you like and get a minimalist yet stylish makeup room.

More Makeup Room Ideas

More Makeup Room Ideas 1
source : instagram

More Makeup Room Ideas 2
source : instagram

Makeup Room Ideas More Makeup Room Ideas 3
source : instagram

Makeup Room Ideas More Makeup Room Ideas 4
source : instagram
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