19 Awesome Romantic Bedroom Ideas to Spice up Your Love Life

Putting petals on the bed, using red pillows and a pink bed cover are not the only ways to make a bedroom romantic. Yes, your options are not limited to petals, red and pink colors. There are lots of romantic bedroom ideas to try out there. Here, we will share 19 of these ideas with you.

When it comes to romantic ideas in bedroom, the most important thing is setting the mood. The bedroom must be the place where you can show how much you love your significant other. Okay so are you ready to make your bedroom romantic? Here are the ideas you can try.

Covered with Curtains

Dark Romantic Bedroom Ideas Covered with Curtains
Dark Romantic Bedroom Ideas source : thedecorista

Let’s start our romantic ideas for the bedroom with something simple.  Instead of flowers and fluffy pillows everywhere, this bedroom is covered with various curtains. These are the decorations. What sets the mood is, however, the lighting.

Notice how a bedroom that is mostly white looks and feels romantic, thanks to the ambient lighting. The clever lighting placement and curtains create shades and shadows around the room, making it a bit dreamy.

The best thing about it is that you may not even have to change anything in your bedroom other than the lighting and curtains.  Indeed, you don’t need to break a bank to create such a romantic atmosphere. If you are on a budget, this idea is certainly for you.

Textures and Textures

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Date Night Textures and Textures
Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Date Night source : lapptussan

How the texture of a bedroom looks certainly matter. How could it not? it defines the space and gives the impression of comfort. As such, you will find uses of texture in some of our romantic bedroom ideas here, including this one. Look how the textures make the rustic bedroom looks dramatic.

The small bench in front of the bed is a nice touch, bringing warmth to the space. There are also small lighting bulbs on the wall. So regardless of whether it is day or night, the bedroom stays dramatic and romantic.

Pretty Painting Wall

Cozy Romantic Bedroom Ideas Pretty Painting Wall
source : Marcy Black Simpson

If you already married, your bedroom is probably already set as is. Now the question is, what can you do to make it romantic and spice up your love life? There are plenty of romantic bedroom ideas for married couples that you can try. For example, adding a beautiful image of flowers on the wall.

Unlike many romantic ideas in bedroom here, the bedroom is mostly ordinary. The romantic touch comes from behind the bed. With such a pretty wall, you make each and every day romantic for your significant other. Isn’t that nice?

Speaking of a bedroom, do you want to decorate a guest bedroom but don’t know how to? We got you covered. These guest bedroom ideas here will give you an insight on how to make a guest bedroom as comfortable and welcoming for your guest as possible.

Boho Decor and Nature

Romantic Purple Master Bedroom Ideas Boho Decor and Nature
source : pinterest

If unusual romantic bedroom ideas are what you want, then look no further than Bohemian or ‘Boho’ decor. The decor is carefree to its core and presents a more liberal alternative than the other decors. Yes, compared to the other decor, it is a freestyle kind of decor.

What makes the ‘Boho’ decor here romantic is its warm and earth tone colors. You can already feel the warmth by seeing it.  And of course, there are layers of blanket and bed cover adding texture and providing comfort. Notice also there are greeneries above, making the room fresh and feel natural.

Fluffy, like Clouds

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Her Fluffy, like Clouds
Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Her source : pompomathome

Compared to the other romantic bedroom ideas on the list, this very comfy bedroom is very different. While others emphasize decorations or lighting, this one emphasizes comfort. Just look at how fluffy the bedroom is. It is so inviting you’d jump on to it.

Here’s another great thing about this bedroom: the romantic mood is subtly present. It is romantic, but not the in-your-face way. Notice the pale pink pillows blending nicely with the bed. If you want to be romantic in a subtle way, this is one of the romantic bedroom design ideas you’d want to try.

Glam in the Dark

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Him Glam in the Dark
Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Him source : anyonecandecorate

What if you want to go full glamorous with romantic master bedroom ideas? Just ahead, then. You can make a bedroom romantic by using glamorous decor too. This bedroom here is a good example of such a romantic bedroom.

The color play here is limited mostly to three colors: black, white and dark gray. What makes the room glamorous and romantic, however, is the gorgeous candle-like chandelier above. It brings enough light and sets a romantic mood. Other sources of light are there, but they only complement the chandelier.

Dark Luxury

Romantic Bedroom Ideas romantic room ideas for him Dark Luxury
source : pinterest

Similar to the previous one, this bedroom also involves the contrast between lighter and darker colors. In this case, white against dark brown. Unlike many other romantic bedroom ideas on the list, this bedroom focuses on creating a luxurious look. Notice the dark brown leather on the headboard.

When it comes to romantic bedroom lighting ideas, this luxurious bedroom gets the necessary light from the side lamp. Because the lighting is on the side, the room is being adequately lit up while casting shadows on the opposite side. This creates a romantic ambiance.

British Colonial-style

Romantic Master Bedroom Ideas British Colonial-style
source : travelandleisure

Do you want a master bedroom that looks exclusive? If you do, a British Colonial-style is surely among the best romantic master bedroom ideas for you. Notice how unusual it looks. It looks as if you are currently on a vacation, away from your daily routine.

Like most of romantic bedroom setup ideas in the list, this one here involves curtains too. The difference is that the curtains cover the bed in all four sides, thus providing with romance and privacy that you need.

Yellow Room

Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas Yellow Room
Easy Romantic Bedroom Ideas source : tapestrygirls

As many romantic bedroom ideas here have proven, there is no need for flower petals or red and pink colors to make a bedroom romantic. This bedroom is another proof of that. This one comes with a little bit of twist: it is a vibrant yellow.

There is a beautiful mandala pattern on the tapestry and yellow fabric on the white, fluffy bed. There is also a white rug underneath, which completes the comfy impression of the bedroom. The string lights are a nice touch, adding a romantic mood to the room.

Back to Classic

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Married Couples Back to Classic
Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Married Couples source : ohclary

Although we did say using reds and pinks are not the only way to make a bedroom beautiful,  there is no fault in trying some classic romantic bedroom ideas for him. Surprise your spouse with some flower petals on the bed, some reds, and pinks.

As good and romantic it is, you wouldn’t want to have such a bedroom setup every day. Since these romance ideas in bedroom are not viable long-term, it is best to save them for special occasions like an anniversary or birthday.

Simply Romantic

Simple Romantic Bedroom Ideas Simply Romantic
Simple Romantic Bedroom Ideas source : onekindesign

Not everyone likes complex romantic bedroom ideas with intricate design. Some people just want to be romantic with their spouse in a simple style. If this describes you, then this bedroom idea should fit you well. Just look at its simplicity. Notice that the bedroom has no bold color that sticks out. I

It is all calm and warm neutral colors. The designs don’t stand out too much, either. The point here is to create such a bedroom with an inviting mood where you want to spend a romantic time with your spouse, which this bedroom does quite successfully.

Romantic Bedroom Ideas with Candles

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Valentines Day Romantic Bedroom Ideas with Candles
source : bohogang

When it comes to romantic bedroom decorating ideas, candles are among the staples. How could they not? After all, candles are much romantic than lights.

This is especially true since candles emit just enough light and warmth to the space. Not to mention they look far more aesthetic as well.

If you want to make your bedroom more romantic, add several candles in it. Don’t just add candles, though. Place each candle in a candle holder. Then, spread out the candles to set the romantic mood in the bedroom. Lit them up and there you go.

All-white Romantic Bedroom

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Anniversary All-white Romantic Bedroom
source : mercurynews

Most of our romantic bedroom ideas in the list involve colors on the bed, be it bold or calm ones. But, can you make a bed romantic with little to no color at all? The answer is yes, you can. This bedroom here just proves that. It is an all-white bed.

The all-white bed looks so inviting and dramatic. Especially with the long drapes hanging around. The romantic mood here is set by, you guess it, the lights. The small lighting fixtures at both sides color the all-white bed and bring warmth. The blue and yellow plants add subtle visual cues that break the routine.

Play with Colors

Small Romantic Bedroom Ideas Play with Colors
source : potterybarn

Time for colorful romantic master bedroom ideas again. Make your bedroom more lively, energetic and romantic with some colorful items. Indeed, just because you want to make it more romantic, that doesn’t mean you can’t go with colors.

If you want to add multiple colors and make it colorful, do use earth-tone colors as they are pleasing to the eyes and warm. A few bold colors, like the vibrant brown pillow and bag here, are a nice addition to have. Also, create multiple layers in the room as well. You can use a rug, blankets and bed cover for that.

Farmhouse Romantic Bedroom

Romantic Rustic Bedroom Ideas Farmhouse Romantic Bedroom
source : laurastewartblog

The next idea in our romantic bedroom ideas is farmhouse-inspired. That’s right, the farmhouse can be romantic too. The farmhouse decor, in and of itself, is already warm and inviting. What is needed to be done is to add some romantic twists to it. For example, a tint of pink on the bed.

Notice that the bed cover has a slight pink tint on it. This makes the bedroom softer and more romantic. There is also a rustic comfy chair that adds sweetness to the room too. With a farmhouse-inspired bedroom, the key is to set a romantic mood in a subtle manner.

There are plenty of ways to make a bedroom looks farmhouse. Do you like how a farmhouse bedroom looks like? If you do, you don’t want to miss our ideas here.

Pretty but Subtle Pink

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples Pretty but Subtle Pink
source : kimk.styledwithlace

Speaking of subtlety, pink is the perfect color for that. It may not stand out too much and yet, you know it is there. If you have a plain bedroom, adding bits of pale pink will help to spice it up and make the bedroom more romantic.

This bedroom here is mostly white with beautiful patterns and motifs. All these make the bedroom beautiful and inviting. The one that makes it romantic is the pink blanket. It blends nicely with the bedroom while at the same time adds a romantic vibe to it.

Clever Lighting

Romantic Bedroom Lighting Ideas Clever Lighting
source : pinterest

Lighting is always a crucial part of romantic bedroom ideas. It is among things that set the mood of the room. Even if you have a plain and boring bedroom, it can be made romantic by just tweaking the lighting. The bedroom you see here is a great example of how much of an impact lighting can make.

The lighting used here is spread out across the room. This gives the room enough light and prevents it from looking somber. At the same time, it leaves enough shadow that makes the room more relaxing and romantic.

Motifs and Patterns

Romantic Bedroom Design Ideas Motifs and Patterns
source : orian-rugs myshopify

The previous romantic bedroom decorating ideas have shown you how colors, textures, and lighting can make a bedroom romantic. What about motifs and patterns? Well, motifs and patterns can make a bedroom romantic as well.

Notice how the bedroom here has floral motifs and patterns spread out on the pillows, bed cover, and the rug. Since the bedroom is mostly white, these motifs and patterns are the ones that set the romantic mood. This works especially well since the motifs and patterns have flower-like designs.

Deep Purple

Romantic Vintage Bedroom Ideas Deep Purple
source : pinterest

The last in our romantic bedroom ideas list is a farmhouse-style bedroom. Unlike the other bedrooms, this one is mainly in purple. This purple is what makes an otherwise warm farmhouse-style bedroom into a warm and romantic one. The barn door is a nice touch that reminds you of the farmhouse theme.

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