17 Inspiring Towel Storage Bathroom (Redefine Your Bathroom)

Towel storage seems less important for most people. In fact, paying attention to this detail gives additional value to your bathroom. Are you looking for inspiring towel storage bathroom? Get ready to be inspired because you are about to find mind blowing towel storage ideas.

There is a bunch of options when it comes to bathroom towel storage, ranging from rustic pallet rack to tidy linen storage for perfection. Check out the inspirations below!

Rustic Pallet Rack with Towel Holder

Cubby Towel Storage Bathroom Rustic Pallet Rack with Towel Holder
Cubby Towel Storage Bathroom img src : etsy

Towel requires dry place to avoid mildew. This bath towel storage is designed with rail that allows you to hang the wet towel and let it dry for the next use.

It does not stop there! The attraction comes from rack with rustic nuance, making it a perfect addition for your rustic bathroom. Simply put your cosmetics, Q-tips, cotton balls, and other personal items for tidy look.

Towel Rack with a Shelf

Towel Storage Bathroom Towel Rack in Bathroom Towel Rack with a Shelf
Towel Storage Bathroom Towel Rack in Bathroom img src : dwellinginhappiness

Be creative with your towel hook. Rather than nailing ordinary hook on the wall, what if doubling the function? This towel storage idea comes with hook and shelf, giving you extra space for storage.

The black hooks look contrast with white pallets, performing nice combination in your bathroom. You can also place small plant or graphics on the shelf. This storage idea works best to give new atmosphere into your bathroom.

Chic Towel Holder

Ideas for Towel Storage in Bathroom Chic Towel Holder
img src : pinterest

Do you have farmhouse bathroom ideas? Then you need perfect detail to complete the whole appearance. Try this chic towel holder with farmhouse accent! Mini towel hooks are best to hang your small towels after washing face.

This farmhouse towel storage also comes with container to hold clean towel and hooks to hand the wet ones. Place next to your sink for reachable access. Grab some accessories to make this organizer a focal point in your bathroom.

Wooden Shelves in Bathroom

Rolled Towel Storage Bathroom Wooden Shelves in Bathroom
Rolled Towel Storage Bathroom img src : epjdesign

For small bathroom, the following towel storage bathroom is irresistible. Designed with recessed concept, it does not obstruct your movement, at the same time level up the aesthetic of the bathroom.

The recessed towel rack is multi-purpose that you can also organize personal items, cosmetics, toiletries and many others inside. Now you can hide your stuff and let the bathroom show its perfection.

If you are going to adopt this idea, here are some tips you should know:

  • Choose the right location for recessed towel rack, one that is accessible.
  • Determine the right size. You can get its function without ruining the whole appearance of bath area.
  • Think about arrangement. Since this is an open shelf, you have to make sure the arrangement is pleasant to eyes.

Pipe Towel Rack

Towel Storage Small Bathroom Pipe Towel Rack
img src : Jamie Squadrito

An extraordinary towel storage bathroom idea is well represented by this picture. The pipe towel rack is versatile furniture that you can have in bathroom with industrial concept. Without too much effort, the towel will be easily organized.

Combined with cement wall and industrial lighting, this gives cozy nuance inside the bathroom. Not to mention this idea is definitely easy to apply!

Hide It with Recessed Storage!

Towel Storage Cabinet for Bathroom Hide It with Recessed Storage
img src : Pinterest

Having too many things in the bathroom is not attractive, however you badly need them. To create a beautiful and organized look, recessed storage comes to provide a solution.

Now you can hide them in the hidden storage so that no one will realize you have that many items. Besides, it can also be a savvy idea for small bathroom issue. The recessed concept does not obstruct your mobility inside the bathroom.

Above Toilet Storage to Maximize Space

Towel Storage Bathroom Industrial Above Toilet Storage to Maximize Space
Towel Storage Bathroom Industrial img src : Janny Bean

Dealing with small bathroom is not easy as you need to be super creative to make it cozy. When it comes to bathroom storage ideas, maximizing space above toilet is worth trying. This will be a perfect place to organize your bathroom towel without eating space.

Floating shelves look modern, at the same time it is functional. It transforms your cramped bathroom into roomier one, just like magic!

However, there are few things to consider when installing floating shelves above toilet:

  • Adjust height, do not let the shelves disturb you while using the toilet.
  • Color the shelves in match scheme with the whole bathroom appearance for harmonious look.
  • Choose hardwood material for sturdy shelves.

Corner Bathroom Towel Storage

Towel Storage Bathroom Ideas Corner Bathroom Towel Storage
Towel Storage Bathroom Ideas img src : cutediyprojects

Running out of space in the bathroom? Go vertical instead of horizontal! This towel storage bathroom idea is clever that it will not your horizontal space.

The towel storage goes up to the ceiling, serving not only function but also beauty. Designed in fit size, it saves space more than you think. This storage idea is just too good to be true!

Awesome White Floating Shelves

Open Towel Storage Bathroom Awesome White Floating Shelves
Open Towel Storage Bathroom img src : @lilborisov

Say goodbye to messy washroom as now you can adopt this shelving idea. Floating shelves save your bathroom and level up its value at the same time.

Now you know where to find Q-tips or cosmetics and you will have better experience for morning routine. Combined with wicker basket, your toilet paper is reachable. Grab this idea and revamp your old messy bathroom into organized one that you have never had before.

Country Style Storage, Adorable!

Towel Storage in Bathroom Country Style Storage, Adorable
img src : thefrugalhomemaker

Your country bathroom will fit best with this idea. Storage over the toilet made from wood blocks is all you need to organize your towels and other personal items.

Maximize the space over the toilet and keep your towels reachable with this towel storage bathroom. Combine with towels hooks for the wet ones. The storage ideas are applicable that you can make it as DIY project.

Over The Toilet Storage

Towel Storage for Bathroom Ideas Over The Toilet Storage
img src : LakeViewWood

This is a real creative bathroom storage you should try at home. Only with rope, hook and farmhouse shelf, you will be able to bring this amazing towel storage into reality. No need to worry about space, this idea suits best for your tiny bathroom.

To create DIY rope hanging shelf, check out the tips below:

  • Make sure the hook is strong enough to hold the shelf and your personal items.
  • Find the right place where it does not disturb your movement.
  • Lightweight wood material works best for hanging shelf.

Budget-Friendly Towel Storage

Used Towel Storage Bathroom Ideas Budget-Friendly Towel Storage
Used Towel Storage Bathroom Ideas img src : BuzzFeed

No need to spend a lot of money to revamp your bathroom. Take a look at this bathroom storage idea and you will be inspired!

Coconut fiber basket will be recommended storage to organize your towel, at the same time giving considerable decoration to the room. Feel the exotic atmosphere with this towel storage bathroom. For aesthetic reason, choose the right size for the right towel.

Horseshoes in the Bathroom?

Towel Storage Bathroom Towel Shelf for Bathroom Wall Horseshoes in the Bathroom
img src : mountainmodernlife
Modern Towel Storage Bathroom Horseshoes in the Bathroom 2
img src : mountainmodernlife
Towel Storage for Small Bathroom Horseshoes in the Bathroom 3
img src : mountainmodernlife

How about having horseshoes bathroom shelf? This is supposed to be a creative addition for your rustic bathroom idea. You can keep towel and toiletries in place with style!

This towel storage idea is also suitable for country-style bathroom. With a bit of adjustment, your bathroom will go one level higher. Good news, you can build corner shelves to get the best out of your small space.

Rustic Shelves with Towel Rack

Bathroom Towel Storage Cabinets Rustic Shelves with Towel Rack
img src : etsy

Another idea for you who wish to have storage with rustic nuance! The irresistible rustic shelves come in simple design, yet it can be a focal point in your bathroom.

Bronze towel rack allows you to hang either dry or wet towel and keep it in place. No more cluttered bathroom as the rustic shelves are ready to organize your toiletries and towel.

Open Shelves Over the Toilet

Towel Storage Bathroom Towel Shelves for Bathroom Wall Open Shelves Over the Toilet
img src : blesserhouse

Shelves with open concept is always a good idea for small space. Without employing too many furniture pieces, you are able to organize the stuff and make a roomier washroom at once.

Storage over the toilet suits best when combined with rustic bordered large mirror. Add some small plants to give natural accent into the room. Wooden shelves look contrast with off-white wall scheme and white shower curtain.

Classy Towel Rack for Master Bathroom

Towel Storage Bathroom DIY Classy Towel Rack for Master Bathroom
img src : designindulgence

Your master bathroom must receive classy details including towel organizer. The following towel storage bathroom comes with classy design made from wood. Even though it takes considerable space, it will not be a matter for your master bathroom.

Time to say hello to tidy clean towels with this classy towel rack.

Smart Closet Storage for Linen

Wet Towel Storage Bathroom Smart Closet Storage for Linen
img src : Master Brand Cabinets

Bathroom cabinet ideas can be realized with this clever closet storage for linen. Get the best out of bathroom space with hidden closet that will help organize your personal stuff ranging from bathroom towels, soaps, cosmetics, and many others.

Don’t worry! It does not take much of your space. Coming along with bathroom cabinet, the closet is a versatile furniture piece that you should have at home.

Towel Storage Over Toilet Smart Closet Storage for Linen 2
Towel Storage Bathroom img src : urbanoutfitters

With earth-tone color scheme, this closet storage suits best for your contemporary or farmhouse bathroom.

What are you waiting for? These are stunning towel storage bathroom ideas that will blow your mind. Choose one, make adjustment and experience the new bathroom atmosphere.

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