20 Pretty Sewing Room Ideas for An Inspiring Sewing Space

Are you a sewing enthusiast? Be it a hobby that you love or an occupation you undertook, having a well-planned and organized sewing room is always great. After all, a good sewing room is where amazing sewing products born. Here, we have collected no less than 20 creative sewing room ideas just for you.

Don’t worry, there are plenty of variations of sewing room decor we included. All of which will make sewing more fun. You are bound to find one, two, or even more ideas to your liking. Alright, let’s get straight to the ideas now.

Roomy and Airy

Sewing Room Design Ideas Roomy and Airy
source : decor8 holly

Regardless of whether you sew as a hobby or occupation, sewing requires concentration and good lighting. You can’t sew if you don’t have both. So here’s a sewing room decor idea: create an airy and bright sewing room. That’s right. Like this one here.

Use mostly white decorations, particularly parts that are stationary. For example, the walls, cabinets, shelving, and the lower part of the sewing table.

This will make the room bright and airy.  Adding task light won’t hurt, either. To make it more interesting, add accent colors like bright brown and pink.

Try Pastel

Sewing Room Ideas Decorating Try Pastel
Sewing Room Ideas Decorating source : welcometothemousehouse

Introduce fun and bright mood to the sewing room by coloring it pastel. Pastel, as well as other bright and pale colors, makes any space fun. Not to mention it will get you in the mood for sewing as well. Of course, the benefits of pastel apply to the sewing room too.

Look at this sewing room decor. It makes you feel impatient to start sewing. The beauty of this decor is that the pastel can come from many things. Yes, from the wall decor, the chair, items, the carpet, and even the threads. This one is among the best sewing room ideas if you want to brighten the mood.

Sewing Box

Sewing Room Ideas for Small Spaces Sewing Box
Sewing Room Ideas for Small source : positivelysplendid

If sewing is a hobby for you, you can be a bit relaxed with the sewing room designs. For instance, you can create a ‘secret’ sewing room here.

Notice of the sewing table is hidden inside a cabinet. This allows you to hide it when it is not in use. What a way to be space-efficient!

As for the storage, you can use the space above the cabinet. Add two wall-mount shelves. Paint the upper half of the wall with a darker color like navy blue. And there you go, a ‘secret’ sewing room that no one expects.

Want to add unique shelving to your sewing room decor? That’s a great idea! Check out our floating shelving ideas here for inspiration.

Sewing Room Ideas for Small Space

Sewing Room Ideas Small Spaces Sewing Room Ideas for Small Space
Sewing Room Ideas Small Spaces source : organizedhome

If this is your first time are creating a sewing room, keep this in mind: you are going to need lots of storage. And you must not just work with but make the best out of what you have. Yes, that includes utilizing the walls too. Utilize the walls to be your all-time ready storage.

Although you can create such wall storage on any side, the best spot to make it is above the sewing room table. This way, the storage will be available within hand reach anytime you need something. If you already have storage on somewhere else, having wall storage will be handy in case you need extra storage.

Small Sewing Room

Sewing Room Ideas for a Small Room Small Sewing Room
Sewing Room Ideas for a Small Room source : littlemissmomma

When it comes to sewing room ideas, there is no one perfect idea for everyone. This is especially true for those who have a small space available to create a sewing room. Don’t fret, though. Even a small sewing room can look fun and appealing.

Look at this corner sewing room decor. It looks quite simple, isn’t it? And yet, its simple look is the very thing that makes it fun and appealing. Monochromatic colors here and there with some white surfaces. As simple as that. It is a perfect example of how you can do more with fewer items.

Working Station

Sewing Room Organization Ideas Working Station
source : megannielsen

If sewing is a hobby of yours, you can be relaxed with the sewing room designs. However, if it is your occupation, you must take it more seriously.

The sewing room is, after all, your working station. So, don’t be afraid to invest in it and make it as good-looking, fun and comfortable as possible.

Take a look at this sewing room. It looks so fun it doesn’t seem to be a working station. Most parts of the room are white, creating a clean, tidy and bright look. The accent colors, which come from many sources, make the room more fun.

Sewing Machine Cupboard

Decorating Sewing Room Ideas Sewing Machine Cupboard
Decorating Sewing Room Ideas source : sunset

This one is among the most creative sewing room ideas on the list. How could it not? Rather than setting the sewing room table and machine as are, they are both built-in inside cabinets. When the sewing equipment needed, they can just be pulled out and ready to work.

If there is little to no room left in your house and you want a sewing room, this idea is for you. You don’t have to create a designated sewing room. Just make use of what you have or better yet, improvise.

Sewing Craft Workshop

modern sewing room design ideas Sewing Craft Workshop
source : sfgirlbybay

Even if it is a work space, it wouldn’t hurt to make it more attractive and fun. For some people, this means incorporating a minimalist sewing room decor. Notice how organized and tidy the sewing room is. And that, thanks to the minimalist decor.

Everything has its place and is in the proper place. No clutter and no purposeless decor, either. The bonus of the minimalist decor is that you have an attractive and fun sewing room with little to no effort. Simple? Yes. Beautiful? Also yes.

Bright and Colorful

sewing room paint color ideas Bright and Colorful
source : euamocosturar.com.br

Does your sewing room decor look uninteresting? Brighten the mood by adding various colors in the sewing room. Look at the example over here. Look how bright and colorful it is. Such a decor makes entering the room a mood-boosting occasion, each and every time.

The beauty of sewing room decor is that there are plenty of materials that can color the room. No need to paint the wall at all. Just look at this room. The colors come from threads, pots, and even the sewing machine. All you need is a proper background with white or neutral colors.

Sewing Room Small Corner

Craft Sewing Room Ideas Sewing Room Small Corner
Craft Sewing Room Ideas source : heyletsmakestuff

Want an easy and effortless way to make your sewing room decor more attractive? Try incorporating contrast into the room. There are lots of contrasts you can play with, but black and white take the place as the most foolproof and applicable.

It doesn’t matter whether the sewing room is large or small and whatever decor style it has, patterns of black and white will make it attractive without failing. This small, corner sewing room is much more attractive thanks to the black and white flooring.

Sewing Room Pegboard

Sewing Room Ideas Storage Sewing Room Pegboard
Sewing Room Ideas Storage source : abeautifulmess

If sewing room ideas that make the room organized is what you are after, you will like this one. Many of the ideas for sewing room in our list involve storage around the sewing room table. Not this one. This one has single storage, on the wall.

Need something? Just look at the wall and grab what you need. Easy and very practical. Such a storage arrangement makes the room very tidy, organized and professional. As such, it makes a solid option, whether sewing is your hobby or occupation.

Compact Sewing Studio

Sewing Craft Room Ideas Compact Sewing Studio
source : mimigstyle

For sewing room designs, size does matter. It matters in terms of options. The larger the room is the more options are available. Of course, this doesn’t translate to a small room that will look bad. A small room can be just as good as a large room, although a bit of imagination and ingenuity is required.

This inviting compact sewing studio here is a good example of how to make the most out of a small room. Despite its small size, it has anything needed. It is arranged in a very organized and tidy manner, too, making it undeniably more inviting.

White Workroom

Sewing Room Furniture Ideas White Workroom
sewing room ideas using ikea furniture source : megannielsen

Out of all sewing room ideas, this is the most flexible. How could it not? Rather than incorporating decorations to make the sewing room attractive and fun, let the sewing equipment to be the decorations. And all it takes is a white background.

Notice the almost white sewing room here. The table, the machine, the walls, and even the sewing room shelves are all in white.

The colors come from sewing equipment, all of which contribute to defining the space. If you like to change the mood of the room once in a while, this sure is a solid option.

Plywood Pegboard

small space sewing room ideas Plywood Pegboard
small space sewing room ideas source : megannielsenpatterns

Love both minimalist and modern design elements? Why not incorporate both in your sewing room decor? It will look great, just like this sewing room here. You can immediately see how simple yet stylish the sewing room is. Of course, it will be fun to work in too.

The minimalist design elements are on the bright brown wooden surfaces and lack of clutter, while the modern ones are on the chairs, metal surfaces, and the shape of the furniture. All these create a sleek, clutterless and well-organized sewing room.

Sewing Room Organization

Sewing Craft Room Organization Ideas Sewing Room Organization
organize sewing room ideas source : crosscutsewingco

While most of the sewing room ideas here are applicable for large and small sewing rooms, this one is exclusive for large ones. If you have large space to spare, make the best out of it by turning it into an all-in-one sewing room.

That’s right. All-in-one in the sense that you prepare, create, and store all sewing-related equipment and materials in a single room. Having everything in a single place makes it a lot easier to organize and for you to work with them.

Pegboard Wall

sewing room wall decor Ideas Pegboard Wall
source : euamocosturar.com.br

Need a functional and aesthetical sewing room wall decor? A pegboard wall is the best choice for you then. Functionally, you can turn it into storage for all your sewing needs. Aesthetically, well, such a wall just looks good, especially if you go for a colorful one like this.

The best thing about a pegboard wall is that it has holes. This allows you to just stick items on it. There is no need to install a cabinet or shelving.

Wall Shelves

Sewing Room Shelving Ideas Wall Shelves
source : craft-o-maniac

Adding wall shelves is without a doubt one of the best sewing room ideas if you need storage. Storage is a must for a sewing room. You will always need an extra one, so it wouldn’t hurt to utilize the wall for storage.

Besides their function as storage, wall shelves can also make a statement in the room, too. Notice the bright blue shelves here. Aren’t they gorgeous? Other colors from the sewing equipment and materials only make the shelves even more gorgeous.

Stylish Corner

Small Sewing Room Ideas Stylish Corner
Small Sewing Room Ideas source : bloglovin

Ask every sewer and they will tell you they want a large sewing room. However, not every one of us has the luxury of a large sewing room. Some of us have to work with what we have, and that includes a small sewing room.

Many previous sewing room ideas have shown how amazing a small sewing room can be. This one is another example.

Turn your ordinary, unused corner into a stylish sewing corner. Add simple decorations, a net on the wall for storage, and a bit of sewing room lighting and you are set.

Sewing Craft Room

Sewing Room Pegboard Ideas Sewing Craft Room
source : honeybearlane

Storage, storage and more storage. There is never enough storage in a sewing room, regardless of the existing storage it already has. This is especially true if sewing is your occupation, as you will need even more storage.

Take a look at the wall and the space underneath the table. Add shelving, cabinets, or a pegboard wall decor and make more storage.

Here’s a tip to make it more manageable: create a designated space for each category of the items. For example, threads on the right, needles on the shelf, and so on.

Sewing Closet

Sewing Room Cabinet Ideas Sewing Closet
source : hometalk

The last one in our sewing room ideas is a sewing closet. Some people need an isolated and quiet place so they can sew. If you are like that, consider designating a room for sewing purposes only. In other words, create a sewing closet.

A sewing closet will allow you to work quietly, with little to no distraction to bother you. It is a solid option indeed, both for hobbyists and professional sewers.

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