21 Terrific Under Stair Ideas To Maximize The Space in Your House

Among other places, the space underneath a staircase is often left empty and unused. What about yours? Do you utilize this small space? If you don’t, our under stair ideas here may give you inspiration and help to transform it into something awesome.

There are many things you can do with this space. From an under stair storage, bathroom, closet, to shelves. Let’s get to these ideas now, shall we?

Mini Under Stair Storage

Under Stair Storage Ideas Mini Under Stair Storage
img src : christinasadventures

No space should be left unused, regardless of the size. That’s right, even if there is small space under the stair, you should make the best of it. One of the ways you can do so is by turning it into mini storage.

Mini storage under stair allows you to make the best of the space and at the same time, provide you with extra storage. We all know that extra storage is always welcome. Especially one that doesn’t eat up any space.

Comfy Reading Nook

open under stair ideas Comfy Reading Nook
img src : 11mulberry

Let’s say that you like reading. Can our list of under stair ideas help? The answer is certainly yes. If you like reading, you will enjoy your reading session in a comfortable and quiet place. Here’s the good news: you can create such a place under the stair.

Just take a look at the picture again. Looks inviting and comfortable, isn’t it? The cushion and pillows really make the space. Under the cushion, there is a small bed frame with storage, which can be used to store books.

Under Stairs Home Office

under stair ideas office Under Stairs Home Office
under stair ideas office img src : hgtv

What if you want to make a home office but don’t have enough space for it? Check the small space under your stairs. The size of the space will affect how you style it. The larger it is, the more options you have. The opposite is also true.

To make a home office, you can use the lower half as the desk and drawers, while the upper half can be used as shelves. Add lighting and make sure that there is access to electricity while you are there.

Laundry Room Under Stair Ideas

under stair ideas pinterest Laundry Room Under Stair Ideas
img src : Brickhouse

The next in our under stair ideas list is a small laundry room. Turning the space under the stair into a laundry room is a great idea, too.

A laundry room allows you to organize your clothing and other washable stuff. The size of the laundry room doesn’t matter. As long as it can store your items, it is all good.

In the example above, the space stairs are divided into two sides. The left sides are mainly for storage, while the right has a simple desk to it. The desk can be used for ironing as well as folding clothes.

Pocket Reading Nook

chair under stair ideas Pocket Reading Nook
img src : athomeinlove

This is another idea for those who really love to read. A pocket reading nook like this provides a calm and comfortable place to read.

All you need is a soft cushion, several shelves, a small coffee table, and lighting. Voila! You get yourself a comfy pocket reading nook.

A pocket reading nook like this is suitable even if you have small space left under the stairs. But if you have a bigger space, you will have more options to decorate it.

Spacious Reading Nook

Under Stair Room Ideas Spacious Reading Nook
img src : stylist

The previous reading nooks under stair ideas are for small space. This time, it is for the large one. If you have large space available under the stairs, there are many things you can add to your reading nook. For example,

  • a few bookshelves
  • a cushion
  • lots and lots of pillows

With such amenities, you will be able to spend and enjoy your time reading comfortably. It is a great way to store your books as well. Rather than leaving them in other places, you can store them in the reading nook and showcase them.

Pocket Modern Desk

Under Stair Office Ideas Pocket Modern Desk
img src : remodelista

When making the best of space stairs, there is no limit of what you can do. You can design in any way you want. Want to give a modern touch to your house? Create a modern home office like the above.

Notice how the home office has a modern style while the rest of the space is not. The office is mostly white, with black lines and unfinished wood surface. Other colors come from the items, which make the office more interesting and far from boring.

Under Stair Bathroom

space under stairs design ideas Under Stair Bathroom
img src : hita

Having an extra bathroom is always nice. Even more so you have a family. After all, no one will have to queue in the morning to prepare for the day as there is always a spare bathroom to use.

The design of the under stair bathroom will depend on the available space. Again, you will have more options to choose from if you have a large space.

Minimalist Reading Nook

Under Stair Space Ideas Minimalist Reading Nook
img src : thewomensroomblog

The main characteristics of minimalism are simplicity and functionality. If you like minimalism, you’d like a minimalist reading nook like the above.

This reading nook may not look as intricate like the others. However, it certainly is inviting. You can spend hours upon hours in a simple yet comfy reading nook like this.

When most of the under stair ideas involve lots and lots of colors, this minimalist reading nook doesn’t. Yet, it looks amazing and inviting on its own way.

Under Stair Storage Ideas

under stair ideas storage Under Stair Storage Ideas
img src : hometalk

It goes without saying that more storage is always better than less. We will always need more storage, even when we have enough. Fortunately, the small space under the stairs which often left unused can be turned into extra storage.

As you can see, this idea is among the simplest under stair ideas as it only requires cabinets and drawers. Don’t be mistaken, though. Even if it is simple, you will find it very useful. After all, who doesn’t want extra storage in their house?

Modern Style ‘Hidden’ Storage

storage under stair ideas Modern Style ‘Hidden’ Storage
Under Stair Shelving Ideas Modern Style ‘Hidden’ Storage 2
img src : avarfurniture

Although we all like extra storage, many of us don’t like how it looks. Extra storage may look different from the rest of the room or worse, it looks messy and unattractive. Want to avoid those? Try creating ‘hidden’ storage.

Most of our previous ideas are visible from the outside. This storage, on the other hand, is not visible unless you pull them out.

From the outside, it looks like an ordinary part of a staircase. You get the extra storage without making it appears unattractive. It is certainly a win-win solution.

Under Stair Shelves for Plants

stacked garden rocks used to close opening under stair ideas Under Stair Shelves for Plants
img src : tribeandus’s

There are many ways to bring freshness into your house. One of the best is to include greeneries inside. Don’t have enough space for that?

Check the space under the staircase. If this space is not yet used, you can turn it into a small garden full of green plants. Yes, just like the above picture.

To store the plants, you need shelves. How large the shelves should be? That will depend on what kind of plants you want to store in them. Alternatively, you can put the pots on the floor. Combining both is a great idea too if you have lots of plants.

You need to consider the stair railing as well. Make sure that the shelves and the railing complement each other. Speaking of stair railing, are you looking for inspiration? If you are, check out our stair railing ideas here.

Stylish Reading Nook

under the staircase design ideas Stylish Reading Nook
img src : countryliving

Compared to the other reading nook ideas in our list, this one is the most classy and stylish. How could it not? Just notice how the reading nook looks and feel. Due to its classy look and style, it makes not just a terrific reading nook but also a conversation space.

The reading nook is mostly black, with other colors coming from the books and the pillows. The white and light brown colors around the reading nook allow it to stand out and become a very interesting focal point.

Dog Home Under Stair Ideas

under stair ideas dog Dog Home Under Stair Ideas
img src : inspiremore

The previous under stair ideas are all about humans. But what if you have a pet? Let’s say you have a dog and don’t have special space for them. What can you do? Easy, turn the space under the stairs into under stair dog house.

You can put rugs, lighting, dog toys and lighting inside the dog house. Just make sure that your beloved dog is comfortable with its new house.

Under the Stair Pantry

Under Stair Cabinet Ideas Under the Stair Pantry
img src : thekitchn

When we say extra storage, we don’t mean only the storage used to store clothes, shoes, coats, or books. We also mean the storage for your kitchen needs.

That’s right. You can create a terrific pantry with the small space you have under the stair. Want to make it better? Add doors to hide the pantry.

Under Stair Closet

under stair closet storage ideas Under Stair Closet
img src : idealhome

We all have those times where we need to prepare quickly for an occasion but cannot do so due to not having a closet that we can access all the time. Well, not anymore. To handle such a situation, turn the small space under the stairs into an accessible closet.

Compared to our previous under stair ideas, this one is quite basic. You don’t need much for this. What you need are wall-mount shelves, hangers, a bin or two and storage with cushion.

More Under Stair Ideas


under stair ideas desk Mudroom
img src : California Closets

Kitchen Under Stairs

Under Stair Pantry Ideas Kitchen Under Stairs
img src : kitchenarchitecture

Bike Storage

Under Stair Ideas Bike Storage
img src : dwell

Storage under stair

Under Stairs Storage Ideas DIY Storage under stair
img src : kvnmedia

Under Stairs Furniture

under stair ideas uk Under Stairs Furniture
img src : avarfurniture
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