The Budding Home Décor: Small Side Table Ideas for Use

Small side table ideas are basically everywhere if you are willing to look deep for them. If one wants to search for a certain idea, one can just go to their computer or nearest gadget, access the internet, type in the keyword, and wait until the results pop out.

Sadly, not all people, especially those who are blind to gadgets, can find them all easily thanks to how convoluted and how complicated the internet is. Lucky for those people, this article is here to give you some hints regarding small side tables and how to make it look good on any establishments.

Small Side Table Ideas
Small Side Table Decorating Ideas

Small Side Tables and Why They Exist

Ever wonder why people of yore invented small side tables?

Tables are often designed to help us do lots of stuffs. It can be a place for people to put their things on when they are tired of carrying it. It can be a surface for people to work on. It can be a place for people to gather around and share the journeys they had in their lives. It can bring people together in a hearty meal, a place to help people socialize with each others.

Heck, you can even say that table has its own historical and lore value because the Knights of the Round Table gathered around a table and not a chair nor a bed. Tables are pretty useful in their own regard, and that is why tables will always be required in every age and every time of our lives.

However, there are times when the normal tables just will not do it. What if we want to have a simple surface we can put our stuffs on in our bedroom? What if I want to put tables inside my bathroom and not have it too big? Putting normal tables (tables you can find in the dining room) inside of those two places screams inexperience in the art of decoration.

If you want to do it, go on ahead, but do not be confused when people judge you as a weird person for putting a dining table inside your bedroom.

That is why small side tables exist. They exist to prevent some odd design choice by inexperienced designers from ever existing. They exist to help experienced designers broaden their choices. They exist to help the novice and the professional, so you can say that small side tables are very helpful in making our houses even better decorated.

Now that the preliminary introduction session is finished, let us proceed to the next thing in today’s discussion: where to actually put the table.

Putting the Table Where It Matters

Just like all decorations, positioning really matters with small side tables. While buying small side tables with the same theme as the overall theme of your home decor matters more, putting the tables on a wrong place can make for a weird room (remember the prior explanation regarding dining tables and kitchen above?).

There are several places where you can put your small side tables on. Here are a few examples of those places:

Small Side Table Ideas On The Side Of Your Bed

Small Side Table Ideas for Bedroom Layout Small Side Table Ideas On the side of your bed
Small Side Table Ideas for Bedroom Layout

Because putting a dining table inside your bedroom is not recommended, you can just put your small side table or tables on the side of your bed. The thing is called a small SIDE table for a reason, so why not put it there and make the ones who coined the term proud?

There are many uses you can get from putting your small side tables on the side or the sides of your bed. Maybe you want to set up an alarm somewhere and you want to have a place to put it on to. Maybe you are someone who reads a book before they go to sleep and want to have a place to store your books on.

Maybe you think that putting tables on the side of your bed is cool and you want to emulate that certain coolness. Whatever your reason is, putting small side tables on the side of your bed will never be wrong.

If you are technically savvy, you can even install your lamp controller on the small side tables to control the lights from the comfort of your bed, no longer ruining that perfect comfort you got when you already snuck yourself into the bed.

To the Side of Your Sofas

You can use small side tables to complement your sofas and couches. There are many good things you can do with side tables next to your sofa, and those things include as a place where you can put another decorations that go well with the theme of your house like this one:

DIY Small Side Table Ideas To the side of your sofas 1
DIY Small Side Table Ideas

Or for more practical things like this one:

Small Side Table Ideas To the side of your sofas 2
Low Small Side Table Ideas

No matter if you aim to decorate it or to turn it into a thing that is practical, you cannot go wrong by putting the table next to your couches and sofas.

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If You Slready Got Those Two Places Covered, You Can Make It Into Its Own Decoration

The two examples above clearly shows how small side tables can be a nice complementary object for your beds, your sofas, and your couches. But is it possible to make small side tables into something that can stand on its own two feet?

The answer is yes.

Small Side Table Ideas small table designs wood
Small Side Table Ideas small table designs wood

Small side tables have been misinterpreted as something that cannot stand on its own and would need to complement others to make it not odd standing.

The picture above clearly breaks that paradigm by making small side tables as its own standing decoration. Thanks to how seamless the transition between the floor, the walls, and the side table, this piece is a perfect decoration on its own.

The only tips I can give you so that the small side table will not look weird is to find or make a small side table that synchronize itself well with the floors and the walls.

While small side table usually go with the colouring that beds and sofas provided for them, you have to make sure that you see it as a furniture that stands on its own rather than a furniture that has to complement other furniture.

Those are few small side table ideas for today, so be sure to check up on another in the future!

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