9 Benefits of Soapstone Countertops Impress Your Kitchen

Soapstone countertops become one option which people can consider if they want to create kitchen countertop from the natural material. Stone surely becomes natural material which is chosen a lot as kitchen countertop material.

There are various kinds of stone which can be chosen but of course marble becomes one of the most popular options which can be found. Nevertheless, there are some great benefits which people actually can find if they choose soapstone as the material for their kitchen countertop. They will not dream any other natural stone for their kitchen countertop material after knowing the benefits below.

Benefits of Soapstone Countertops

Benefits of Soapstone Countertops
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Kitchen will always be a challenging space for any kind of furniture because anything in the kitchen has to deal with heat, water, and even stain. That is why when people are choosing the material for their kitchen countertop, it is better if they choose the durable material like soapstone.

It is pretty common to see the soapstone as material for sinks and even stones during 1800s. It is still used until today even in the United States of America. That is why there is no need to doubt about the durability of the soapstone.

Good Look

People can always make sure that the kitchen countertop which is made from soapstone will look great and unique. The unique look can be found because every cut of soapstone will be different. That is why there is no way people can find the same kitchen look with other kitchens when they choose soapstone as the countertop material.

Once the soapstone kitchen countertop is installed, people can make it as personal treasure and it will get better time after time after all. The good look can also be found because of the color variety of the stone depends on the origins of the rock.

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Working in the kitchen which has countertop made from soapstone can give people huge ease. People usually will worry if they place the hot pan on the countertop surface but they do not have to worry about this if they have soapstone kitchen countertop.

There is no damage which can be found on the soapstone surface if they put the hot pan on it. More importantly, it will not stain as well so people can be more productive without any worry in the kitchen. Cooking will be easier of course because there is no more need to worry about things spilling on the countertop surface.


It will always be troublesome if people have kitchen countertop which is made from porous material because it will absorb the liquid. In fact, this problem will never appear if they have kitchen countertop with soapstone material. It is basically non porous material so cleaning can be done very easily anytime strong colored liquid are spilled on its surface. Soapstone is also very dense so there is no need for using sealant during installation.  Oiling the countertop can be done if people want to enhance its look further.

Soapstone Countertops Pros and Cons Healthy Soapstone Countertops Dense
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People will use the kitchen countertop a lot for preparing foods and we can make sure that they need to keep the food healthy and hygienic before it is served to the family member. Countertop surface can be the place of bacteria and germs growth especially with some material types.

Fortunately, people can find the healthier option with soapstone for their kitchen countertop. There is no chance for the bacteria and germs for invading the countertop surface. It means that the kitchen environment will be safer as well as healthier for the whole family member. Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Eco Friendly

People must not forget about the fact that soapstone is type of natural rock which is harvested from the nature. People will only cut it for fitting it into the kitchen countertop. People can be relieved because the material is natural so it can be recycled.

Dangerous chemical or sealer is not needed for making the natural material after all so people can make sure that soapstone kitchen countertop installation will be very safe. The soapstone is naturally beautiful so there is no additional ingredient used for enhancing its beauty. Cleaning and trimming is the only thing which is done to the stone once it is taken from the earth.

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Texture Choices

If people think that using natural stone especially soapstone is boring, they might be wrong because they can play with texture if they choose soapstone kitchen countertop. All that people have to do is just ordering the specific textures from the soapstone.

People will not only find the finish which is highly polished like they can find from other natural stones. They can be free to choose the texture which is very smooth or a bit rough. They only need to tell about their preference and the stone can be easily refinished. The texture can be varied but still the soapstone surface will always feel soft to the touch.


Home can be a huge investment for many people. That is why they have to make sure that they make the right purchase from the very first start. Nevertheless, it is not the only thing which can be done for increasing the investment value of the house.

The improvement in the house will also affect the investment value. If people decide to install kitchen countertop with soapstone material, they can find that the investment of the house can be increased. It can be seen when they sell their home. 50-80% return of investment can be found with new countertop from soapstone when people sell the house.

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Cost Effective

Installing soapstone kitchen material can mean that people have to prepare a lot of money because expensive price can be found from actual soapstone slab. However, the installation cost of soapstone kitchen countertop will be more effective to cost because setting it up is very easy.

People even do not have to use professional help for setting up this countertop. There is no need to hire the installation company because people can save money by hiring the handyman with cheaper payment for installing the soapstone countertops.

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