17 Terrific Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

Regardless of whether we like it or not, we need to work and get it done. Since we have to work daily, why not make our working station looks fun while we are at it? That is why we are here. We collected 17 terrific home office ideas that will make you want to work more.

From a minimalist home office, one-sided office, home office ideas for two to elegant ones. Our ideas vary so you will likely find one or two to your liking. Now, let’s get to the ideas.

Home Office Furniture Design Ideas

Small Home Office Ideas Home Office Furniture Design Ideas
source : domino

Admit it. This is among the most elegant home office ideas decor that you have ever seen. It is not surprising. The home office has black, white and brown surfaces, all of which balance and contrast with each other. The ‘gallery’ on the wall just makes it better.

What makes it interesting is that this office is actually small. Yet, thanks to the black background, it doesn’t appear so. If you have a small home office, painting the background black is undoubtedly one of the best home office room ideas you can try.

Contemporary Home Office Design

Home Office Ideas Decor Contemporary Home Office Design
source : thewonderforest

The next in our home office ideas list something refreshing. What feels more refreshing than seeing a soft chair and pink flowers? Albeit it is an office, your home office needs not to be very serious and bland.

Introduce neutral-colored background, adds greeneries, a pink sofa, pink flowers decorations and so on. This kind of decors will help you get relaxed in your home office. Want more motivation? Hang an inspirational quote and/or your family photos.

Office Space with Bookshelf

Modern Home Office Ideas Office Space with Bookshelf
source : benthomasbuilder

The modern farmhouse decor is quite popular right now. It is applied to many parts of the house. From the living room, the bedroom, to even the bathroom.

What about the home office? Can it be applied to the home office as well? The answer will be yes. In fact, it is among the best home office ideas modern if you like the farmhouse style.

The black wall highlights the lighter brown shelves and the books. The white and light brown here balances the black, giving off a warm and welcoming vibe. The color scheme is very farmhouse while the shapes and lines are modern. It is a perfect blend of the two.

L shaped Home Office

small space home office ideas L shaped Home Office
source : thelittlegreenbean

Everyone has their own taste when it comes to the working station. Some people like elegant home office ideas, some like home office ideas in bedroom, some others like simple and small home office ideas and so on.

This one is for those who like simple and small home offices. In the office, there are no decorations that stand out too much.

All the decorations create the whole simple and clean look. It is clean, tidy and with minimal distraction. Now that’s an ideal home office!

Home Office with Storage

home office organization ideas Home Office with Storage
source : @inspirationrooms

The previous home office ideas have a limited color palette. The thing is, there is no rule that forbids you to use more than a pair or two of colors. You are free to decide what color and how many colors to use. Nice, isn’t it?

This home office is an excellent example of a colorful home office. The white here serves as the background, allowing other decorations to paint the office. Interestingly enough, albeit there are many colors, they don’t seem obnoxious or overwhelming.

Small Home Office Ideas

Home Office Ideas Small Space Small Home Office Ideas
source : Blackbox design studios

Having a limited shouldn’t stop you from trying home office room ideas. If anything, it should motivate you to try your favorite home office ideas decor. You just need a bit of imagination to work around the space limitation.

Here’s a good idea: create a one-sided home office that faces the wall. This is a clever way to have a home office with minimal space.

Notice how the office can fit the small room in-between walls. Depending on the space you have, you may need to scale the desk and shelves.

Corner White Office

Home Office Ideas Small Room Corner White Office
source : sunshinewithsavannah

This is also another example of small home office ideas. The office is very simple. Here are the items

  • a working desk
  • a chair
  • a small table/drawer on the side
  • and a  room separator

That’s all. No more, no less. This compact office is perfect for people who don’t need a large working space and/or have limited space to spare.

The corner is more often than not underutilized by many homeowners. Don’t do the same mistake. Transform your corner into a beautiful corner desk.

Black and White Design

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces Black and White Design
source : homeyohmy

Playing with contrast is among the safest and foolproof home office ideas. By contrasting black and white, you can transform a regular and boring home office into an extraordinary and interesting one.

In this case, most of the home office is white. This serves to be the room’s background. The several black surfaces here and there make the interior more eye-catching. The decor is then completed with light brown, green, and golden as the accent colors.

Home Office Wall Shelving

Home Office Ideas Home Office Wall Shelving
source : modishandmain

Who doesn’t like a warm and comfy home office? Everyone likes it but not everyone knows it. So the question is, how can you make a home office feel warmer?

There are lots and lots of home office room ideas that can make the office warm. For example, adding stained wooden surfaces, unfinished wooden surfaces, playing with neutral colors and adding a rug underneath the desk. There you go. You got a warm and comfy home office.

Home Office Wall Shelving

work from home office ideas Home Office Wall Shelving 2
source : shmidt_by

What if you would rather try home office ideas that focus on functions? We got you covered. This modern minimalist is for you. The minimalist decor emphasizes utility and simplicity. And as you can see, this decor has both.

Notice how the office is centered on the side of the room. On one hand, this frees up lots of space. On the other, it helps you to focus on the task at hand.

The designs of the decorations also simple, with defined lines, rectangular shapes and simple colors. It feels modern and minimalist.

Office Reveal

corner home office ideas Office Reveal
source : beautyandthechic

Want to all white? Sure, why not? This all-white home office decor gives a sophisticated, futuristic, clean and tidy look. It is impressive, despite only using one main color.

What to keep in mind is that you still need other colors, albeit in minimal amount. To prevent the white color from overwhelming the surrounding, add lines, black surfaces and accent colors to the office.

Modern Home Office Library

home office library ideas Modern Home Office Library
source : Town Line Wallpaper

Just because it is where you work, it doesn’t mean you can’t be classy about it. If you like classy home office ideas decor, try this one.

The dark blue cabinets and table serve as the focal point here. The white walls and ceiling enable it to stand out while the white rug under the table highlights the desk. The wooden floor complements the combination, completing the classy vibe that the office has.

Butcher Block Desk

home office ideas on a budget Butcher Block Desk
source : beneathmyheart

We all know that the working desk is often unorganized and cluttered. The minimalist decor minimizes clutter. This, of course, applies to the home office as well. Since it uses minimal space and prevents clutter, this is one of the best small home office ideas to try.

The office has a simple chair, a wooden tabletop with two drawers on both sides and two layers of shelving above. The composition is quite simple and very practical.

Single Room Office Design

design home office ideas Single Room Office Design
source : vanessafrancis

Dark navy blue and white is another example of foolproof home office ideas. With navy blue and white, you just can’t go wrong. The easiest way to apply this combination is to separate the office in two halves: the upper half and lower half.

The upper half here is a white bookshelf, while the lower half is the drawers. Notice how the wooden tabletop becomes the border between the two. This contrast and balance make the office a lot more appealing.

Speaking of a bookshelf, do you want to update the decor of your bookshelf? If you do, be sure to check out our bookshelf decor ideas and get inspired.

The Office T-shape Desk

luxury modern home office ideas The Office T-shape Desk
source : ontrekmom

Most of our home office ideas decor here are for a single person only. This one is different. These are our home office ideas for two.

For such an office, you will need to create a separation between the desks. Here’s a simple and practical way to do so: add a table in between the desks.

Notice how the table is not just a separator of the desks but it is also a functional decoration as well. The same color scheme between the two parts creates a unified look.

Scandinavian Home Office

diy home office ideas Scandinavian Home Office
source : hiimkelly

No one says you can’t combine modernity and nature. This home office just proves that. It has a sleek and modern look. And yet, it also feels fresh and natural.

All that is needed is to add a pot of large living plant in the room. The abundance of sunlight only makes it better.

‘Wooden’ Office

cool home office ideas ‘Wooden’ Office
source : Marissa Cramer

Lastly, a ‘wooden’ office. Compared to the previous home office ideas, this office is occupied mostly by one material: wood.

The wooden surfaces add a natural touch to the office. On the other hand, the white of the room allows the wooden surface to stand out.

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