20 Easy Wooden Pallet Ideas You Can Try on Your Home

Looking for wooden pallet ideas? Recycling wooden pallet is all upsides with no downside whatsoever. Sure, it might take time, effort, and a bit of material and money to recycle them. But that is nothing to what you will gain from it: myriads of options to choose from.

There are just limitless ways to recycle wooden pallets and with that, literally hundreds of practical uses too. If you don’t know what kind of items to make, our ideas below will give you an inspiration or two. So, are you ready to get inspired? Alright, let’s go.

DIY Pallet Plaques

wooden pallet ideas diy DIY Pallet Plaques
wooden pallet ideas DIY source : Oh My Creative Craft

If you are looking for wooden pallet projects ideas for your first DIY project, we suggest you start small. Like creating simple frames, for example.

This way, you will know what you can and can’t with your pallet. That and finishing a DIY project always bring satisfaction, which will motivate you to do another project.

Look at these frames. Seem so simple, aren’t they? As simple as they might be, you can’t deny that they make an interesting visual cue for the space. You just need several pieces of wooden pallet, nails, short rope, and paint.

Diy Wood Picture Frame

Wooden Pallet Decor Ideas Diy Wood Picture Frame
source : etsy

Of all wooden pallet ideas, nothing is more personal than memorabilia. Memorabilia is something dear to us. That’s why it has to be unique and personalized. Wooden pallet is the perfect material for that, as it is very customizable, easy to shape, and has a natural rustic vibe to it.

For example, you can cut a small piece of wooden pallet, clean it, put a family photo on it, and small decoration like a paper flower, and tie the photo with a small rope. And there you have it. Very unique and personal memorabilia.

Pallet Accent Wall

Wooden Pallet Wall Decor Ideas Pallet Accent Wall
source : shadesofblueinteriors

Perhaps you want wood pallet wall ideas? As we mentioned earlier, the wooden pallet is a very customizable material.

It is so flexible you can turn it into something functional, aesthetical, or both. And this pallet accent wall here is a good example of aesthetical things you can make with pallet.

Notice how the accent wall attracts attention to it. With mostly white and neutral colors around, it is as if the wooden pallet here is pulling together the décor. It is undoubtedly among the easiest, quickest, and most creative wood pallet ideas one can try.

Wall décor can be made of various materials. Of course, wood is among them. Want to incorporate such wall décor to your home? Check out our wood wall decor ideas here.

Pallet Wood Chair

wood pallet project ideas Pallet Wood Chair
source : funkyjunkinteriors

The next thing to put in your wooden pallet projects ideas list is a chair. You have such a nice outdoor. Yet, you don’t have any chair to enjoy the view.

And there are piles of unused wooden pallets in the house. What can you do? Here’s an idea: make a comfy chair with those wooden pallets.

Don’t worry. You don’t have to have advanced carpentry skills to make it. Appropriate materials, planning, patience, and a couple of hours of work should be enough to make the chair. When you are done, throw in a cushion and a couple of pillows. Now you have a comfy chair to enjoy the view.

Pallets Outdoor Sofa and Table

Wooden Pallet Ideas for Garden Pallets Outdoor Sofa and Table
Wooden Pallet Ideas for Garden source : 99palletideas

This is one of the wooden pallet ideas you’d want to try if you have such a large backyard. The thing with a large backyard is that you need to add several pieces of furniture so that it doesn’t look empty. And what are better pieces of furniture to add than an L-shaped bench and a table?

Compared to the other wood pallet ideas, this one probably takes the longest to complete. But, it will surely worth the energy, time, and effort.

Visually, the wood pallet bench and table look natural with their color, making the backyard looks more attractive. Functionally, it can accommodate lots and lots of your guests. Nice, isn’t it?

Pallet Coffee Table

images of wooden pallet ideas Pallet Coffee Table
images of wooden pallet ideas source : sensod

If you want to add warmth to the living room, creating a rustic coffee table is surely among the best wood pallet craft ideas.

Even without finish, wooden pallets can give the warmth you wanted. With a finish, however, it gets even warmer and looks more stylish.

Want to make things more interesting? Rather than using wooden pallets, use glass as the tabletop instead. As seen here, the glass not only accentuates the rustic look, but it also adds a clean and sleek vibe as well. Thus, turning the coffee table into a solid focal point.

Backdrop Wedding

pinterest wooden pallet ideas Backdrop Wedding
source : eddyk

A backdrop? Yes, a backdrop. Compared to other wooden pallet ideas in the list, a backdrop is probably the least expected. But, just like the previous wood pallet ideas, this only shows how versatile wood pallet can be.

A wood pallet backdrop has many uses, both functionally and aesthetically. For example, the backdrop here not just separates the space between the dining room and other areas, it also serves as an amazing decoration that adds a romantic vibe to the dining room. Functional? Very. Aesthetical? Absolutely.

Rustic Outdoor Wedding

wooden pallet ideas images Rustic Outdoor Wedding
wooden pallet ideas images source : hillcitybride

Don’t let your garden be empty. Add a decoration ‘wall’ to make it more interesting. Why a ‘wall,’ you say? Because it breaks the routine of how the garden looks. It also makes the perfect platform to support various plants and flowers as well.

Since the decoration is made of wood pallet, it doesn’t look out of place in the garden. It has enough contrast that allows it to stand out but not too much it looks like a sore thumb in the garden. Making such a decoration is definitely one of the most creative wood pallet decor ideas if you want to make a statement in the garden.

Wood Pallet Shelving

Wooden Pallet Shelf Ideas Wood Pallet Shelving
source : ellerydesigns

Let’s move on to more practical wooden pallet ideas for the interior now. Unlike many wood pallet craft ideas here, this one is balanced in terms of practicality and looks.

Practically, this craft adds more storage for books, plants, or any other decorations. In terms of looks, well, it just looks good.

What kind of shelving should you make? That’s all up to you, of course. Want to add a minimalist touch? Your best option will be minimalist shelving, then. Want a farmhouse touch instead? Paint it white and incorporate layers.

Vertical Garden

wood pallet furniture ideas Vertical Garden
source : goodhousekeeping

The beauty of wood pallets is in its versatility. As the previous wood pallet DIY ideas have shown, there is no limit on how you can utilize wood pallets. Nor there is any limit in its practicality. This vertical gardening platform is just another example of that.

Vertical gardening is a clever way to utilize the space, especially if you have a limited space to spare. And with wood pallet, you are free not just to shape but also to style it. For example, if you want a rustic and chic vibe, just paint it white and abrase it to give an aged look.

Wall Wooden Pallet Ideas

Wooden Pallet Wall Ideas Wall Wooden Pallet Ideas
source : Jason Regan

The next on our wooden pallet ideas list is a TV stand. The TV stand doesn’t have to stand on the floor. Indeed, you can make your living room more interesting by creating a wall-mount TV stand like this.

Notice how the area below is no empty, free to be used for whatever purpose. Since the wall-mount TV stand occupies a large part of the wall, it also becomes some sort of an accent wall. It is a very smart way to maximize space while at the same time, making the room more interesting.

DIY Coat Rack

DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas DIY Coat Rack
DIY Wooden Pallet Ideas source : palletwoodenprojects

Make a statement on the entrance by adding a unique wooden pallet coat rack. When it comes to the coat rack, functionality is the most important thing. Yet, it shouldn’t come at the cost of the looks. Yes, the ideal coat rack is both functional and good-looking.

With wood pallets at your disposal, there is no need to go for the ordinary rectangle shape for the hangers. Instead, go for uneven patterns like this and make the entrance more unique and personal.

As we have said, the coat rack shouldn’t just be functional. It should also add an aesthetical value to the space. For that, a bit of imagination and creativity is required. These coat rack ideas will help you get started

Pallet Arrow Signs

Wooden Pallet Sign Ideas Pallet Arrow Signs
source : recycled craftsy

Want wooden pallet ideas for aesthetical purposes only? We got you covered. Turn your wooden pallet into wall art to add to the interior.

With materials as versatile as wooden pallets, there are just so many wood pallet craft ideas. Colored blocks with simple drawings like these, for example.

Pallet Shelf Ideas

wood pallet shelves ideas Pallet Shelf Ideas
show me wooden pallet ideas source : blackironworks1

Extra storage is always needed. None can deny that. But what if you are unsure of what kind of storage should it be? Well, in that case, create multipurpose storage like this.

With such storage, you don’t have to decide what kind of items to store in it. Be it toilet paper roll, magazine, decorations, you get the idea.

The wooden pallet is the perfect material for multipurpose storage. It can be easily shaped and has an attractive look too. A stylish way to add extra storage.

Wooden Vertical Box Garden

Wooden Pallet Ideas for Home Wooden Vertical Box Garden
Wooden Pallet Ideas for Home source : mudfingers

Need some wooden pallet ideas to make the house feels and looks fresher? Here’s an easy-to-implement idea: create a vertical, wall-mount garden using wooden pallet.

There is no need to add pots to contain soil and plants. Instead, create makeshift pots with wooden pallets. Since wooden pallet is easy to shape, this shouldn’t be that difficult. Paint the wooden pallet light brown for a more natural look.

Pallet Wood Walkway

simple wooden pallet ideas Pallet Wood Walkway
simple wooden pallet ideas source : funkyjunkinteriors

Greet and lead your guests to your beautiful garden with this stunning wooden pallet walkway. Walking on such a unique walkway into the garden will, without a doubt, be an amazing experience.

On their own, the wooden pallet looks quite simple. With proper placement, arrangement, and styling, the wooden pallet becomes an extraordinary addition to the garden. The best thing about it is that it is easy to make. Indeed. It is proof that something simple can be beautiful.

DIY Pallet Wardrobe

wooden pallet ideas for storage DIY Pallet Wardrobe
wooden pallet ideas for storage source : teddyfeed

Storage is a requirement for a closet. There is no closet without storage, after all. The question is, what kind of storage should you add? There are many kinds of storage. Using wooden pallets to make the storage is certainly among the most useful and space-efficient wood pallet ideas to try.

Notice how useful this simple and beautiful storage. There is plenty of space to store items like shoes, places to hang clothes and coats, and of course, extra storage for other items above. Want to make it more noticeable? Don’t add any finish. Let the pallet has its natural colors.

Upcycled Pallet Coffee Table

wooden pallet ideas small Upcycled Pallet Coffee Table
wooden pallet ideas small source : shpock

The next on wooden pallet ideas is a farmhouse-style coffee table. Like many other wood pallet craft ideas on our list, this coffee table is both aesthetical and functional. It can hold and store many items and, depending on the interior style, be a complementary part or a focal point.

Let’s say the interior style is the farmhouse. In that case, the coffee table will complete the farmhouse style. Likewise, if the interior style is not the farmhouse, the contrast between the interior style and the table will turn the table into a warm focal point. Either way, it’s a great decoration to incorporate.

Chair Wood Pallet Ideas

Wooden Pallet Ideas Chair Wood Pallet Ideas
Wooden Pallet Ideas source : ideaswithpallets

You can be creative with wood pallet DIY ideas. This comfy chair here is an excellent example of creativity. Not only the chair can accommodate one person comfortably, but it can also serve as cup holders and storage for bottles.

Such a comfy and practical chair is the perfect addition to the backyard. Especially, if you like to spend your time sitting and drinking with your beloved ones. You can just sit for hours and hours, without having to move just to get your drink. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

Frame Holder

Wooden Pallet Craft Ideas Frame Holder
source : sweetlittlehouseofmine

The last on our wooden pallet ideas list is perhaps the simplest of wood pallet ideas: a frame holder. Sometimes, it is best to hold a frame rather than nailing it to the wall. And with wooden pallets, that can be achieved very easily. All that is needed is a piece of wooden pallet and glue.

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