17 Beautiful Fireplace Surround Ideas that Will Bring Warmth to Your Living Room

Properly styled, a fireplace can be the focal point in the room. One of the parts of a fireplace is its surround. If you want your fireplace to stand out, you will need proper surround for it.

Don’t have any idea yet about your fireplace? Worry not.  We can help you get an insight. Here, we listed 17 fireplace surround ideas to help you make your fireplace even more interesting.

All White Traditional Fireplace Surround

Fireplace Surround Ideas with Tile All White Traditional Fireplace Surround
img src : cbrandoningram

Let’s start our fireplace surround list with a timeless design: a traditional fireplace colored in all-white with arch and two simple lightings above. When you look at it, the fireplace surround has the same color as the walls on either side, allowing it to ‘merge’ with the rest of the room.

The arc and lightings above provide nice details, turning the fireplace into a focal point in the room. If you want a timeless style for your fireplace, a traditional fireplace surround certainly is a great option.

Black Fireplace Surround with Wood Mantle

Tiles for Fireplace Surround Ideas Black Fireplace Surround with Wood Mantle
img src : pinterest

In designing a fireplace, there is no rule that forbids you to use different colors. As a matter of fact, properly placed, multiple colors can make a fireplace very beautiful.

In the example above, you see a fireplace with lots of colors. The fireplace surround is black, there is white above it, and brown color from the wood mantle at the top. The combination highlights the fireplace. If you like to combine colors, you can use this example as inspiration.

Speaking of the fireplace mantel, are you looking for one that suits your fireplace but don’t what do you want yet? We can help with that. We also have fireplace mantel ideas too, so be sure to check them out!

Elegant Fireplace Surround Tile

Fireplace Surround Ideas Modern Elegant Fireplace Surround Tile
img src : pinterest

The fireplace can be not just a beautiful part of the interior. It can also be elegant as well. One of the ways to get the elegant vibe is by using tile as the fireplace surround. Combined with neutral colors, the fireplace will become the focus of the living room.

Tiles with a unique pattern will certainly grab attention. In case you want that, you can arrange tiles into a unique pattern. Just be sure that the pattern stands out enough but don’t overdo it.

Traditional Brick Surround

Marble Fireplace Surround Ideas Traditional Brick Surround
img src : laurelberninteriors

This is another example of traditional fireplace surround in our fireplace surround ideas list. This time, however, bricks are used as the fireplace surround. The bricks still have their natural color, which makes the fireplace looks even more traditional.

If traditional style is your style, consider using bricks as the surround of your fireplace. You can also add painting and two lamps above it, and there you go. You got a traditional fireplace. Again, if you want to highlight the fireplace, using neutral colors around the fireplace will be the best option.

‘Stacked’ Stone Veneer Surround

Fireplace Surround Ideas DIY ‘Stacked’ Stone Veneer Surround
img src : lamoss19

Look at the fireplace above. The previous fireplace surround ideas involve intricate designs. What if you want something simple? In that case, why don’t you just ‘stack’ stones to create a fire surround? That will look good, just like the picture you just saw.

Although in the picture above the stone seems to be ‘stacked,’ actually they are attached to the walls. Yes, the fireplace surround is a veneer. That means you don’t have to remodel your current fireplace if you want to design it just like the example above.

Rustic Airstone Surround

stone fireplace surround ideas Rustic Airstone Surround
img src : theletteredcottage

If you

  • like rustic design
  • want to make the fireplace as the focal point in the room
  • love stone tile

then you will love a rustic fireplace like one in the picture. As you probably have known, rustic design can be applied just about anywhere. Of course, the fireplace surround is not an exception. In fact, a rustic fireplace surround can look beautiful, too.

The stone tiles have different shades of gray, which allow the fireplace to shine when the fire is lit. Should you use the same stone tiles? Of course not. The type of stone tiles you should use of course is entirely up to you. Choose one that you think fit your fireplace the best.

Speaking of fireplace tile, have you already decided what kind of tile you are going to use? If you haven’t already or still considering, we have fireplace tile ideas to help you choose.

Stone and Wood

Wooden Fireplace Surround Ideas Stone and Wood
img src : Skaggs Creek Wood

A stone and wood fireplace surround looks natural, which many homeowners like. Also, stone and wood fireplace surrounds usually don’t play a lot with colors. If anything, they tend to their original colors. That is why it is more natural than other fireplace surround ideas here.

What about you? Do you like a natural-looking fireplace surround? If you do, you surely will love a stone and wood fireplace like in the picture above.

Modern and Stylish Surround

Mosaic Tile Fireplace Surround Ideas Modern and Stylish Surround
Mosaic Tile Fireplace Surround Ideas – img src : spacecrafting

Our previous ideas look standard and perhaps even old. What if you love modern design? Can you design your fireplace in modern design? Certainly. In fact, a modern fireplace surround looks great.

If your house has a modern design, a modern fireplace surround is worth considering. A modern fireplace looks simplistic.

Don’t get it wrong. Simplistic does not necessarily mean boring or ordinary. On the contrary, the simplicity of the fireplace surround is what makes it so appealing.

Black Granite Surround

fireplace surround ideas with tv Black Granite Surround
img src : homebunch

For homeowners who really love the sight of fire being lit on their fireplace, a jet black granite fireplace will be ideal. Since the fireplace surround is completely black, the fireplace enables the fire to shine through and warm the room. It is a nice sight no one can resist.

In case you want to emulate this idea, consider painting the walls on either side of the fireplace with neutral colors. If you do so, your fireplace surely will stand out in the room.

Farmhouse Wood

farmhouse fireplace surround ideas Farmhouse Wood
img src : Atlanta Specialty Woods

The farmhouse has been trending for quite some time now. As we can expect, there are fireplaces with farmhouse design. The above is a good example of that. Notice how the fireplace looks somewhat old. And yet, it looks very interesting. You can imagine how it will look when the fire is lit.

In a house with farmhouse design, a farmhouse fireplace surround like the above will certainly complement and complete the overall theme.

Pallet Wood Surround

wood fireplace surround ideas Pallet Wood Surround
img src : theglobeandmail

There are many things that you can use to build a fireplace surround. Pallet wood is an example. Don’t get it wrong. Properly designed, even pallet wood can be a great fireplace surround material. If you don’t believe it, just take another look at the picture above.

Like some of the fireplace surround ideas before, pallet wood fireplace surround looks simple. As such, it is a good alternative if you want something that looks simple for your fireplace.

Herringbone Tile with Wood Mantle

Tile Fireplace Surround Ideas Herringbone Tile with Wood Mantle
img src : pinterest

Fireplace surround needs not to be bland or ordinary. You can experiment with patterns, too. In the example above, the fireplace surround employs a herringbone pattern, which certainly make the fireplace interesting. And thanks to the wood mantel, the fireplace stands out even more.

So if you are wondering whether patterns make a fireplace look good, the answer would be a yes. For the best effect, you need to find a pattern that will blend well with the rest of the room.

Elaborate Marble and Black Fireplace Surround

Metal Fireplace Surround Ideas Elaborate Marble and Black Fireplace Surround
Metal Fireplace Surround Ideas – img src : mebeck

If simple fireplace surround ideas don’t really fit you, you may want something more elaborate and detailed like in the picture above.

The use of light gray marble and black mantle gives off an elegant, beautiful vibe to the room. Added with accessories on and near it, the fireplace no doubt becomes the focal point in the room.

All Black Surround

brick fireplace surround ideas All Black Surround
img src : fireclaytile

In case you like modern design and black bricks, consider designing your fireplace surround like the above. The surround is created mostly from black bricks and designed in a modern theme. The combination of the two adds more beauty to the room as a whole.

All White Farmhouse Surround

Fireplace Surround Ideas Stone All White Farmhouse Surround
Fireplace Surround Ideas Stone – img src : Toe Fish Art

Farmhouse design is often dominated by earth tone colors. The truth is, there are many ways to use the farmhouse design. And this includes the use of white or gray colors.

The surround in the picture complements the farmhouse theme of the living room. At the same time, it brings the focus to the fireplace, especially when the fire is lit. If you want the fireplace to be the centerpiece in your living room, this is among the best fireplace surround ideas you can try.

Simple Marble Fireplace Surround

White Fireplace Surround Ideas Simple Marble Fireplace Surround
img src : magnolia

Do you like marble but want something simple instead of something elaborate? In that case, you can try a simple design.

For example, you can encapsulate the fireplace with marble, paint the wall in a neutral color and use wood mantle. On the top, you can add simple but unique accessories.

Wood Stove Surround

Gas Fireplace Surround Ideas Wood Stove Surround
Gas Fireplace Surround Ideas – img src : pinterest

The last in our fireplace surround ideas list is a simple fireplace surround for a wood stove. The surround is very simple.

There is no complex pattern or bold color involved. The design is also simple as well. Despite its simplicity, wood stove surround like in the picture will succeed in bringing warmth to the room.

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