17 Incredible Small Pantry Storage Ideas and Makeovers to Try

How is your pantry looking? Is it interesting or boring? Is it cluttered or organized? There are many parts in the house that most homeowners don’t really care about. For example, the pantry.

The thing is, an organized and interesting pantry will make your activity in the kitchen more fun and lively. So, why not be creative with the pantry? Below, we listed more pantry storage ideas you can try.

Chalkboard Closet Pantry

Pantry Storage Ideas Chalkboard Closet Pantry
Pantry Storage Ideas – img src : willowstreetinteriors

Adding a chalkboard or two in your pantry can lighten up the mood. How so? Firstly, you can write or draw anything you want on to it. For instance, you can write your next recipe or your favorite quotes. You can also draw something cute, too.

Secondly, it is easily ‘customizable’ as you can clean it quickly any time you want. In case you want to write a new quote on it, you just have to erase it. There is no need for renovation just to change the look of the pantry. Just remember to clean the chalk dust to keep things tidy.

Organize a Pantry

kitchen pantry storage ideas Organize a Pantry
img src : classyclutter

A pantry always looks good when organized properly So, the next idea in our pantry storage is to use labeling for whatever you store inside the pantry. Why is labeling important? Because it makes organizing easier. Not to mention you can find what you want faster when you need them, too.

  • To label your items, you will need
  • self-adhesive paper
  • pen
  • baskets (or other containers)

That’s all. By putting a label on an item and put them inside a basket according to their category, your pantry will be much more organized. The tidy, clean, and organized look is a bonus.

Spice Racks

Open Pantry Storage Ideas Spice Racks
img src : containerstore

So your pantry is full and you have no more storage for your spice. What can you do? Well, why not turn the pantry door into a spice rack for your spices? All you need to do is to attach small racks on the inner part of the pantry door.

In the picture above, the whole pantry door is turned into spice racks. This is not a must. The number of racks depends on how much extra storage you need. So, you can use half of the door or even a quarter. It is entirely up to you. It is among many pantry storage ideas here that will help you be more organized.

Lid Racks

ikea pantry storage ideas Lid Racks
img src : Martha Stewart

Extra storage in the kitchen is always welcome. Our previous example is about spices. What if you need extra storage for your pot lids instead? What can you do about it? In that case, you can install pot lid hangers.

Before you install pot lid hangers, be sure that there is enough space to accommodate the pot lids and the hangers when the pantry door is closed. Unlike spice racks which require only a fraction of space inside the pantry, pot lids may require more. So, keep that in mind.

‘Pocket’ Pantry

small pantry storage ideas Pocket’ Pantry
img src : ShelfGenie

Having a large kitchen is a luxury. And not all of us can afford to have it. Some of us have small kitchens. But that is not a reason not to have a pantry. Even with limited space, you can always have a pantry. You just have to be more creative with your situation.

The next example in our pantry storage ideas here is to create a built-in or a ‘pocket’ pantry. A built-in or ‘pocket’ pantry like the above does not eat up your already limited space. Even better, it adds more storage that you can use to store your stuff.

Crate Floor Storage

Pantry Storage Ideas DIY Crate Floor Storage
Pantry Storage Ideas DIY img src : iheartorganizing

Take a look at the inside of your pantry. Look below. Is there unused space at the bottom of the pantry? If so, consider adding crate floor storage. This way, there will be no unused space in your pantry. This allows you to be more organized too since you have extra storage where you can store stuff in.

To get the most of it, use a crate floor storage that has wheels underneath. This way, you can access the storage easily and quickly, without having to forcefully drag them.

Under Shelf Storage

Small Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas Under Shelf Storage
Small Kitchen Pantry Storage Ideas – img src : allwomenstalk

To make the most out of the pantry, you must use all available space inside. This includes the space underneath the shelves. If there is large enough space under each shelf, you can attach an under-shelf basket under it.

Unlike most pantry storage ideas in the list, this idea may or may not be able to be implemented in your pantry. After all, some have wide space under their pantry shelves, some have narrow space. If you do have wide space, having under-shelf baskets will certainly help you to be more organized.

Wardrobe Turned Pantry

Pantry Storage Ideas Pinterest Wardrobe Turned Pantry
img src : style files

Suppose you have a bit of unused space in your kitchen and an unused wardrobe. At the moment, you don’t have a pantry. What should you do? Here’s a good idea: turn the wardrobe into a pantry. Does it look good? Well, yes. Just look at the example above.

In the example above, the wardrobe is used to store bowls, plates, jars, mugs, and bottles. Of course, you are not limited to that. You can store your spices, kitchenware, and even your recipe books inside. What matters here is that you can create a pantry from an unused wardrobe.

Pull-out Pantry

Extra Pantry Storage Ideas Pull-out Pantry
Extra Pantry Storage Ideas img src : Decopad

Pantries with doors are the standard. What if you want something unique? Try creating a pull-out pantry. Unlike pantries with doors, pull out pantries are accessed by pulling them out rather than opening them. This makes the pantry much more accessible. Not to mention it looks good to the eye, too.

As good as they are, pull out pantries usually have less available storage than pantries with doors. As such, if you need large storage, you should try other pantry storage ideas on this list instead of this one. If you don’t need large storage and you want a stylish pantry, a pull out pantry is a good idea to consider.

Under the Staircase Pantry

Basement Pantry Storage Ideas Under the Staircase Pantry
Basement Pantry Storage Ideas – img src : Aloha Home

Many parts of the house are left unused. Among them is the space under the staircase. If yours is unused, why not turn it into a pantry? There are many reasons why you should do that. Most importantly, you have more storage to store your stuff inside an otherwise useless space.

What you need to keep in mind is a pantry under the staircase will have an odd shape, unlike standard pantries in the kitchen. Sure, it can put some limitation but it is not something to be worried about. You can always be creative with it, after all.

DIY Pantry from Lockers

Best Pantry Storage Ideas DIY Pantry from Lockers
Best Pantry Storage Ideas – img src : Apartment Therapy

The pantry can be made from just about any storage unit. We have mentioned a wardrobe pantry before. Our next idea is to create a DIY pantry from lockers. It is quite simple, very useful and looks nice as a pantry.

The best thing about lockers pantry is that they are portable. In case you need to move them, you can do so with ease. Because of their portability, you can create a built-in pantry from them, too. As for their appearance, you can paint them or leave them as is. Either way, it will be a unique addition to your kitchen.

Paint It Bold

pantry organization ideas pinterest Paint It Bold
img src : inspire_me_home_decor’s

The previous pantry storage ideas don’t deal with color. Let’s talk about it now. To make your pantry more interesting, consider painting it in a bold color. For instance, you can paint most of the pantry in black while the rest have white or other colors.

Other bold colors like bright red, yellow or green, can work as well, too. Just remember to add a bit of contrast in the pantry so it doesn’t look boring.

Hanging Lighting Pantry

pantry cabinet design ideas Hanging Lighting Pantry
img src : verandaestatehomes

If you have a wide pantry, why not add hanging lighting to make it even more appealing? Bright hanging lighting will lighten not just the pantry but also the mood as well. It is always a good addition, especially if natural light hardly enters the pantry.

What kind of lighting should you hang on your pantry? There is no one-size-fits-all answer here. Consider the overall theme of the pantry and just be creative with it. In the example above, the lighting is white in color with some metal parts, which allow it to blend well with the rest of the pantry.

Butler’s Pantry

Pantry Storage Ideas Ikea Butler’s Pantry
img src : homebunch

There are many ways to make the pantry look more interesting. One of them is to add a backsplash. A backsplash can provide a good contrast in the pantry, thus improving its looks. A good pantry backsplash is one that complements the design of the pantry, just like the example above.

Minimalist Pantry Storage Ideas

Deep Pantry Storage Ideas Minimalist Pantry Storage Ideas
Deep Pantry Storage Ideas – img src : andreejardin

Last but certainly not least in our pantry storage ideas is a minimalist pantry. For the minimalists, less is certainly more. Of course, this applies to the pantry as well. If you are a minimalist, you can design your pantry in a minimalist way. The above picture is a good example.

Diy Pantry Storage

Inexpensive Pantry Storage Ideas Diy Pantry Storage
Inexpensive Pantry Storage Ideas – img src : manhattan-nest

Corner Pantry Storage

corner pantry storage ideas Corner Pantry Storage
img src : cotemaison

White Pantry Storage Ideas

deep corner pantry storage ideas White Pantry Storage Ideas
img src : California Rich

Small Pantry Makeover

food pantry storage ideas Small Pantry Makeover
img src : seevanessacraft

Notice the number of items stored in the pantry above. Take a look at the design. The homeowner stores the items that they really need. As for the design, it looks very, very simple. There are several wall-mounted stands and a hanger. And that’s all. It is a minimalist pantry to the core.

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