13 Creative Garden Tools Storage Ideas to Help You Organize Your Stuff

Gardening is fun. There is no better feeling than seeing a garden grows each day. But, sometimes problems such as missing tools happen. The cause? Improper organization. We listed garden tools storage ideas to help you be better organized.

Before you ask, our ideas are simple and can be done easily by just about anyone. Just be sure you add your own touch to make it more personal. Let’s start.

Hang Them Around

garden tools storage stand Hang Them Around
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Let’s start our garden tools storage ideas list with hanging the tools. For gardening tools that have a long shaft and a handle, the best way to store them is to hang them. Hanging your gardening tools make things much more organized. Also, in case you need them, you can access them quickly.

Want to be even more organized? Store the tools based on their length. This makes the tools look tidy and pleasant to the eyes. If you have lots of gardening tools, you can also organize them based on their category and hang them together. For example, shovel with other shovels, rake with rakes, and so on.

A Mini ‘Shed’

Garden Tools Storage Ideas A Mini ‘Shed'
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Next example is a mini ‘shed.’ It is small storage in which you store all your gardening tools. This is a good garden storage idea if you don’t have a lot of gardening tools around. If you do have a lot of gardening tools, you will need larger storage.

A good thing about this mini ‘shed’ is that all of the gardening tools are put in a single place. Therefore, when you want to work with your garden, you can just go straight to the storage to get all the equipment you needed. Of course, this makes your gardening routine much easier.

DIY Pallet Storage

diy garden tools storage DIY Pallet Storage
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Take a look at the storage above. It looks simple but nice, isn’t it? The fact is, you don’t have to buy storage to make your gardening tools more organized. After all, when you can build it on your own, why buy it? So if you

  1. have unused wood pallets
  2. don’t have storage for your gardening tools
  3. want to do a simple DIY woodworking project

then you may want to consider building storage for your gardening tools from pallets.

The size of the storage will depend on the number of tools you want to store in it. The more tools there are, the larger the size should be.

PVC Simple Hangers

Garden Tools Storage Solutions PVC Simple Hangers
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garden tool storage pvc PVC Simple Hangers 2
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Rather than having unused wood pallets, you have unused PVC pipes and two wooden boards on the floor. Well, you can build a simple garden tools storage with those items. All you need to do is to cut the PVC pipes into several parts and attach them to the wooden boards. And there you go, you got storage for your tools.

This idea is good but it does have limitations. For example, the diameter of the PVC pipes must always be larger than the diameter of the tools. This to ensure that your tools don’t get stuck in the pipes. Also, if the handle of a tool is too large, it can’t be stored in said storage.

In the example above, the hangers are attached to a wall. If you want, you can attach them to the ceiling of your garage and create overhead garage storage. The ceiling of a garage is often left unused, so it is a good way to utilize the unused space.

Wall Garden Tools Storage

Garden Tools Storage Rack Wall Garden Tools Storage
Garden Tools Storage Rack img src : pinterest

There are multiple ways to hang your gardening tools. Unlike the previous examples, this idea involves hanging garden tools on the wall. That’s right, we are talking about wall rack as garden tools storage. This idea allows you to store many gardening tools while needing a few items to create.

Although this idea does have a numerical advantage in terms of the number of tools that can be stored, it can be a bit difficult to reach the tools at the top. After all, the more tools you store the higher the rack will be. As such, you will need to have a step or ladder.

Garden Tools with PVC

garden tool storage pvc Garden Tools with PVC
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Next in our garden tools storage ideas list is storage made of PVC pipes cutoff and plywood. The previous example uses a wooden board. This one is a bit different. It also uses PVC pipes cut off but rather than attached to wooden boards, the PVC pipes cut off are attached to a plywood board.

Functionally, this storage is no different from other examples. That said, with a plywood board, this kind of storage looks tidier and better organized. So with it, you have nice-looking storage that helps to make your gardening needs better organized. Who wouldn’t want that?

Small Pallet Storage

Garden Tools Storage Cabinets Small Pallet Storage
Garden Tools Storage Cabinets img src : fixlovely

Suppose you only have a few gardening tools. In that case, your garden tools storage should be simple, small, and compact. The example above is a good example of a simple and compact storage. It is made of pallets, small enough so it doesn’t take much space but is large enough to store tools.

Since pallet can be found just about anywhere easily, you can emulate this idea quickly and easily. So, what do you think? Are you interested to create a simple, small, and compact storage like in the picture above?

Storage Shed

Garden Tools Storage Shed Storage Shed
Garden Tools Storage Shed img src : houseandhome

If you are looking for both functional and aesthetical storage, pegboard storage on the wall is for you. A pegboard allows you to store lots of tools and items. And all you need to do is to attach pegs to hold whatever you want to hang on the wall. Easy? Very. Looks great? Of course.

Another advantage of pegboard storage is that you have more freedom to arrange your stuff. You can just attach and remove the pegs to wherever you want to. If you want customizable storage, pegboard storage is certainly for you.

Speaking of storage, how do you organize your bikes? If you need inspiration, we also have bike storage ideas. Be sure to check them out.

Extra Storage on a Shed’s Wall

garden tool storage organizer Extra Storage on a Shed’s Wall
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Extra storage is always welcome. Of course, garden tools storage is not an exception to that. The problem is, sometimes there is no room left to be used as storage for gardening tools. Your shed is full. Your garage is full. What can you do? Well, just utilize the wall outside.

Using a wall as extra storage is a great way to optimize the available space that you have. You have more storage while not eating up any space at all. Very convenient, isn’t it? With outdoor storage like this, make sure that your tools are protected from the weather to prevent rusting and other problems.

Buckets Storage

Garden Tools Storage Hooks Buckets Storage
Garden Tools Storage Hooks img src : ideipentrucasa

PVC pipes cut off are great to hold tools with a long shaft but small handle. But what about other tools that have a large handle like a shovel or rake? You can’t just leave them lying on the floor, right? In this case, you can use buckets instead of PVC pipes.

In the picture above, the gardening tools are held together inside buckets. Since buckets have a larger hole, you can store tools regardless of the size of their handle. Yes, you can just put in your shovel or rake inside it. Better yet, such storage allows you to put tools that are in the same category together. This makes things a lot simpler.

Shed Hangers

garden tool hanging storage Shed Hangers
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You have a shed and there is plenty of space available on the wall. Rather than just letting your gardening tools lying around on the floor, you should install hangers on a wall and start storing your tools there.

If you care about how your shed looks, use hangers that have the same color as the shed. If the shed has a light brown color, choose light brown hangers. Since the hangers have the same color as the shed, they complete the overall look of the shed. It is a good idea if you want both functionality and aesthetic.

Outdoor Tools Storage

outdoor garden tools storage Outdoor Tools Storage
outdoor garden tools storage img src : Jane Byrkjedal

In some situations, having outdoor storage is preferable to an indoor one. If you are in this situation, consider building outside storage like in the picture above. Outdoor storage allows you to store your gardening tool in one spot. When you want to garden, you just need to go that one spot. Convenient, isn’t it?

You can also build similar storage for your firewood. Outdoor storage for firewood will not take any space in your house, which is great. One thing to keep in mind is that you must protect your tools and firewood from the weather.

Garden Hand Tools Storage

Garden Hand Tools Storage Garden Hand Tools Storage
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Lastly in our garden tools storage ideas is to create simple storage. If you care more about functionality than looks, simple storage for your gardening tools should be more than enough. This is especially true if you have a handful of gardening tools.

Another good thing about simple storage is that you can create it on your own. So you get storage that makes it easier to organize your tools with the storage being budget-friendly. Not to mention you are free to create it the way you like. What’s not to like in that?

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