16 Creative Bedroom Storage Ideas to Help You Organize Things Better

Organizing things is important, especially in the bedroom. After all, the bedroom is the place we rest and recharge our energy. And sleeping in a messy bedroom is never comfortable. Have a problem organizing your stuff? Worry not. We are here to help. We listed 16 creative bedroom storage ideas to help you organize.

From a small drawer, cabinets to under the bed storage, we have various ideas that you can try easily. Ready to get organized? Let’s start

Side Bedroom Storage Shelves

pinterest small bedroom storage ideas Side Bedroom Storage Shelves
source : apartmenttherapy

Do you have ample room on the side of your bedroom? That’s a great place to create extra bedroom storage. Install several layers of metal shelves and there you go. Now you can organize your books, favorite photos, a laptop, an audio speaker or just about any items you want.

To make it look beautiful, install metal shelves that have the same color as the wall. This way, the items stored on the shelves will be showcased, making your bedroom a lot more interesting.

Floating Bedside Table

diy small bedroom storage ideas Floating Bedside Table
source : apartmenttherapy

Not everyone requires large bedroom storage to be organized. Some of us need something as simple as a drawer on the side of the headboard.

If you only need to place your favorite books, a family photograph or your note, adding a side drawer like this is among the best bedroom storage ideas.

To make things more appealing, choose a side drawer that has a contrasting color from the wall. If the wall is blue, the side drawer should be dark brown, for example. Adding a lamp above is a good idea as well.

Bedroom White Dressers

Bedroom Storage Ideas Ikea Bedroom White Dressers
source : futuristarchitecture

If you have a large bedroom, you will have more decor options. In this case, you can have separate dressers away from the bed.

Separate dressers like this allow you to keep your stuff organized while at the same time don’t make the bedroom looks cramped.

Other than extra bedroom storage, another nice thing about separate dressers is that you can add decorations above it. For example, several pots with living plants and a mirror on the wall.

Storage Under the Bed

bedroom organization ideas diy Storage Under the Bed
source : joyfullygrowingblog

Check the space under the bed. Is there enough room for a basket to slide in and out? If there is, why not add several baskets under the bed to be your extra storage?

We all know that the space under the bed is often empty. Turning it into extra storage is certainly a clever way to be more organized.

This idea can be applied to bedrooms of all sizes. That is, as long as there is enough space underneath, you can have your extra storage for your stuff. It is one of the best bedroom storage ideas for a small bedroom.

Bedroom Storage Wall

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas Bedroom Storage Wall
Small Bedroom Storage Ideas – source : forbes

Keeping your stuff on one side can make your life easier. The thing is, most parts of the bedroom often are already occupied. But, rest assured. There is another often unoccupied space: the wall behind the headboard.

You can turn the wall into a bedroom storage wall with shelves and drawers. If there is enough space, you can even add your favorite accessories above the headboard. It is a very practical way to keep things tidy.

Wooden Ladder for Bedroom Storage

good bedroom storage ideas Wooden Ladder for Bedroom Storage
source : weheartit

Minimalist bedroom storage is your best option if you want simplicity. Being simple doesn’t mean it looks bad, though. On the contrary, there is something extraordinary about keeping things organized while at the same time being space-efficient.

Notice how there is only an unfinished wooden drawer there. There is a mirror on the left, reflecting the light and making the room appear larger.

And there is a ladder with greeneries on the right, introducing a natural touch to the space. This décor is both neutral and versatile, making it ideal for the guest bedroom.

Speaking of the guest bedroom, the most important thing about a guest bedroom is comfort. Our guest bedroom ideas will help you create such a comforting vibe for incoming guests

DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas DIY DIY Small Bedroom Storage Ideas
Small Bedroom Storage Ideas DIY – source : alwaysrooney

There are many bed frames that come with storage underneath. If you are in need of extra bed storage yet don’t have available space left, this kind of bed frame is one of the bedroom storage ideas for you.

Since it is a bed frame, you don’t eat up space at all to create more storage. After all, most of the time this space is not used. To make the items inside the storage accessible and more organized, use baskets.

DIY Frame Shelves

Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces DIY Frame Shelves
Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Spaces – source : shanty-2-chic

Dressers, drawers, cabinets, and baskets are not your only options. There is also a built-in bedroom storage wall. Similar to a bed frame with storage, built-in storage wall practically doesn’t use up any space in the room.

The best thing about this is that not only you can use built-in storage wall as conventional storage but you can also use it to showcase your favorite decorations. Just add appropriate frames and there you go. Now you got yourself several Focal points.

DIY Corner Floating Shelves

Small Bedroom Storage Ideas on a Budget DIY Corner Floating Shelves
Small Bedroom Storage Ideas on a Budget – source : shanty-2-chic

More space available means more decor options. If your bedroom is large enough, consider creating a bedroom storage desk.

Unlike most of the previous ideas desk in the bedroom allows you to do many things. For example, study, work, and manage your stuff easily, to name a few.

What if there isn’t enough storage for your stuff? In that case, add one or two shelves over the desk. This should provide you with another extra storage you can use to your liking.

Wall-mount Bedroom Cabinets

master bedroom storage ideas Wall-mount Bedroom Cabinets
source : dwellbeautiful

When it comes to extra bed storage, there is no absolute rule that forbids you from adding storage with unconventional shapes. This storage is a good example of that. Notice how this storage not just functional but also aesthetical as well.

Not only the unique bedroom storage wall allows you to store your stuff, but they also add value and beauty to the bedroom too. Want to make it more playful and less serious? Use different shapes and colors.

Bedroom with Clothes Rail

Bedroom Storage Ideas for Clothes Bedroom with Clothes Rail
source : avenuelifestyle

The next in our list is a bit different from the previous bedroom storage ideas. This one is an ‘open’ bedroom storage closet. As you can see, the closet here is ‘open’ in the sense that nothing enclosed it. It can be accessible by everyone easily, at any time.

Of course, the ‘open’ closet is not the only storage there. There is also a drawer and shelving above the closet. These combinations make organizing your stuff, particularly your clothes, a lot easier.

Side Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas for Small Rooms Side Bedroom Storage Ideas
source : deskgram

Although we are talking about bedroom storage here, we don’t mean that it has to be very close to the bed. If you have more space to spare, moving dressers on the side is a good idea, too.

With the dressers on the side, your bed should be free from clutter. There should be lots of breathing room inside the bedroom. If the dressers are large enough, you can add decorations such as

  • lighting
  • a pot with living plant
  • a painting
  • and just about any accessories, you like

Hanging Overdoor

bedroom storage for small rooms Hanging Overdoor
source : pinterest small bedroom storage ideas

Next in our bedroom storage ideas list is to utilize the back of the door. Sometimes, ingenuity is all that it takes to get things organized.

Here’s a good idea to try: create bedroom storage rack behind the bedroom’s door. It is clever, doesn’t take any space and just nice.

Perhaps the only downsides are that the rack may hinder the movement of the door and that the storage can’t hold heavy items. Other than that, it is awesome.

White Bedroom Storage Ideas

Tiny Bedroom Storage Ideas White Bedroom Storage Ideas
source : kristinalynne

Be clean and tidy. Organize the items in your bedroom properly. These are easier said than done. But, if you have a large dresser, organizing stuff will be more manageable and easier.

Want to make your bedroom more attractive? Just add several decorations on top of the dresser. For a fresh vibe, just add a small pot. For a more personalized touch, add your favorite books or photography. Adding a mirror is also a good idea as well.

Bedroom Storage Bedside

Small Master Bedroom Storage Ideas Bedroom Storage Bedside
source : homeyohmy

What if you often move and require items to move along with you? In that case, a portable bedroom storage rack is what you need. Unlike the other ideas here, this storage is mobile. Meaning, you can take it anywhere with you. It is not bound like most furniture.

Since the bedroom storage is mobile, you can reposition it anytime you want, anywhere you want. Because of this, it is the ideal choice for you if you tend to change your bedroom’s décor often.

Bedroom Book Storage

Bedroom Storage Ideas Bedroom Book Storage
source Bedroom Storage Ideas : younghouselove

The last on our bedroom storage ideas list is something very simple: a bookshelf. A bookshelf can be turned into makeshift storage for your items.

That’s right, not just books. Other items as well. A makeshift storage is accessible by everyone. As such, it makes a great choice if you have a kid who loves books.

There is also the fact that a bookshelf doesn’t stand out much on its own. You can turn this into your advantage as the bookshelf, thus providing a good background for the items inside to stand out.

Having a bookshelf is one thing. Having an attention-grabbing bookshelf is another. Check out our bookshelf décor ideas to get inspired.

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